Nov. 23 2016
While Californians age 21-and-up can now smoke in the privacy of their homes, grow six plants and possess up to an ounce, driving under the influence of marijuana remains against the law
Nov. 1 2016
Manipulated electronic polling devices, hacked systems and ballots cast by ineligible voters are a few in a long list of theories that many Republicans have bought into. But for San Diego County Registrar...
Judge Gary Kreep
Oct. 25 2016
In many ways, Kreep was the proto-Trump. During the 2012 election, San Diego CityBeat was the first to ring the alarm on Kreep, who had long been a key figure in filing legal challenges around President...
Oct. 7 2016
Her title is not homelessness czar, but Stacie Spector has been hired by Mayor Kevin Faulconer to act in that general capacity as his new senior advisor for housing solutions for the city of San Diego
Sept. 28 2016
As the system works now, complaints are filed by citizens and then investigated by the San Diego Police Department’s Internal Affairs, which writes a report on the allegation, including whether the...
Sept. 21 2016
The city had two options to extend the school’s lease. One required a two-thirds city vote to approve school use on the property under the current charter language. The other choice was a majority...
Aug. 30 2016
There are two propositions regarding the death penalty on the November ballot. Proposition 62 would repeal capital punishment (retroactively, as well), and replace it with life in prison without the possibility...
Aug. 24 2016
The Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016, also known as Proposition 57, is California’s latest effort to reduce state prison overcrowding
Aug. 15 2016
I'd written a cover story for CityBeat on Nguyen's saga ["Tuan's Paradoxes," April 27, 2011]. He'd been a fixture in downtown San Diego; his giant signs railing against the CIA, which he equated to Satan,...
Aug. 10 2016
Last month, San Diego became the 150th city in the state to ban single-use plastic bags. Passage of a bag ban by the city council was viewed as a long overdue achievement; Solana Beach was the first in...
Aug. 8 2016
Consider the hemp store owner who was told she had weeks to live after suffering massive liver failure. Or the cannabis chef plunged into a miasma of pain-killing narcotics after his car careened off an...
July 25 2016
With stronger-than-ever backing for recreational marijuana usage, Proposition 64, also known as the Adult Use Marijuana Act, is expected to pass with relative ease
July 20 2016
Supporters of Proposition 60, also known as The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act, say it aims to tighten safety standards within the industry and minimize the risk of spreading HIV and...
July 12 2016
Brace yourselves for the pot onslaught. The battle lines have been drawn and the coffers are fattening for an all-out fight ahead of the Nov. 8 vote to make California the fifth state to allow recreational...
June 29 2016
On June 13, in her recliner, Eurika Strotto became one of the first in San Diego to take advantage of California’s End of Life Option Act, which went into effect on June 9 after 25 years of effort
June 28 2016
Start with a bud of high-powered pot (the strain "Girl Scout Cookies," for anyone keeping track). Soak the bud in a bath of cannabis oil. Then cake that sticky nugget with a thick layer of THC crystals
June 22 2016
Jeeni Criscenzo moved to San Diego after the 2004 re-election of George W. Bush, having spent the previous year writing a daily blog called CPR4Democracy
June 13 2016
Once upon a long bygone time, hemp grew far and wide across the American landscape. Colonial law required farmers to grow hemp to meet the ravenous appetite for rope and lamp oil. Industrial revolutionaries...
June 7 2016
It's been nearly two weeks since San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer lauded the way protesters outside the San Diego Convention Center were handled by police in the wake of Donald Trump's presidential campaign...
May 30 2016
Amid the unanimity, a fissure emerged: Would customers be part of the promised wave of raids? Prompted by a reporter, Goldsmith asserted at length that card-holding patients will not find themselves in...


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