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June 15 2015
When it was noted that Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant serves a new cocktail called Stay Classy, I calculated there are literally thousands of other drinks I could sample, but I was 72 percent sure I would...
May 29 2015
During the May opening party for Park&Rec (4612 Park Boulevard), a frequent guest from when the location went by a different name points out a showerhead hanging from the ceiling behind a bandstand
April 17 2015
Sarah Ellis graduated with a degree in comparative literature, which set me up perfectly to work retail, she says. Just out of school, she was living downtown and working at Bloomingdales in Fashion Valley
March 27 2015
Last month, Tin Can reopened as The Balboa (1863 Fifth Ave.), with Tom Logsdon at the helm. Logsdon's burger-focused Dood's Foods moved into Tin Can in 2012adding food service helped the club...
March 9 2015
The best part of writing this column isn't the occasional free drink; it's the people I get to meet. San Diego's craft-cocktail community is populated by some rad folks whose creativity and depth of knowledge...
Feb. 13 2015
The Palace Bar in the Horton Grand Hotel looks quite different than it did just a couple of years ago.
Jan. 23 2015
As famed bartender Gary Regan wrote, [A] truly great Manhattan can be made only by someone who truly understands the magnitude of whats at hand. And by that he means: If youre a bartender who cant make...
Jan. 3 2015
Let this 2014 retrospective serve as a glimpse of how far San Diegos cocktail scenes come in just a few years
Dec. 12 2014
Booze makes great a gift. Things having to do with booze make great gifts. And, for that reason, heres the Cocktail Tales 2014 Holiday Gift Guide
Nov. 24 2014
Since 2010, when San Diego food writer Troy Johnson featured Grant Grills Smashing Pumpkin on the Food Networks The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Ive had try that on my bucket list
Oct. 31 2014
"Fernet is like Jägermeister for adults," a friend told me recently. Surely you know what Jägermeister is. You probably know what Fernet is. One's German, one's Italian. Both are herb-based liqueurs...
Oct. 3 2014
There seems to be consensus (or everyone's reading the same source material) that the Moscow Mule saved vodka from becoming a Cold War casualty.
Sept. 15 2014
When Louis Chavez was tapped to create the cocktail menu for Zymology 21sister restaurant to Leyla and Alex Javadov's popular Cafe 21 (locations in North Park and the Gaslamp Quarter)shrubs seemed...
Aug. 23 2014
For a cocktail to be truly tiki, does it have to have a sweet juice as its base?
Aug. 1 2014
Google "Trevor Easter" and you'll turn up a 2012 San Francisco Chronicle piece, written when Easter was bar manager at respected Bay Area spot Heaven's Dog. In it, the Mt. Helix native gives a sho
July 14 2014
If you want to try to infuse your own spirits, theres no end to online how-tos. Steeping time depends on what kind of liquor youre using and how much
June 20 2014
How could you turn down something described as "a really fancy, good Old Fashionedwith pork"? That's the pithy explainer for the smoked pork belly wrapped in bacon / Old Fashioned pairing dreamed up by...
May 30 2014
This is a small-batch quinine concentrate to which you add soda water (4 ounces to 3/4-ounce of tonic) and 2 ounces of gin. It has a really nice, mellow citrus-y flavoryou dont need, nor should you want,...
May 20 2014
Next time you're mixing up an Old Fashioned by the campfireassuming you'd even do such a thingtry trapping a piece of smoking charred wood under your glass for a few minutes
May 9 2014
Earlier this year, JSix (616 J St., Downtown) underwent a major rehab, and Howell, who'd been the head bartender at Cusp at Hotel La Jolla, was tapped to head up the cocktail program.


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