Nov. 23 2015
While wandering through the Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery in Vista, one could easily imagine being someplace besides Vista. Hawaii, for instance. Or, some other lush tropical paradise where you might exp
Nov. 23 2015
John WatersPhoto by Greg Gorman WATERS RUNS DEEPJohn Waters loves to take the piss out of things. Even himself. When asked about a popular meme that features a picture and quote from the
Nov. 17 2015
It's strange and off-putting to talk about your dead aunt with a person wearing Minnie Mouse ears. I learned this on Halloween night
Nov. 16 2015
Been to the mall lately? It's already a crowded mess of holiday-rabid shoppers vying for parking spots who find out the store they're going to "just ran out" of that gift
Nov. 9 2015
Not long after starting this tech column gig, I was talking to a bunch of people around town about Internet security, how bad it is, masking your ISP and whether it's even worth it, and other tasty tidbits...
Nov. 9 2015
While most food fests only last for an afternoon, the weeklong San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival is for serious palates
Nov. 3 2015
While wandering through the Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery in Vista, one could easily imagine being someplace besides Vista. Hawaii, for instance
Nov. 2 2015
OUT OF THE ASHESThe 2003 San Diego wildfires were devastating and nerve-racking for those who went through them. The sky looked apocalyptic. The ash raining from the sky was the closest San Diego gets
Oct. 26 2015
Halloween was once a kid-centric holiday centered on dressing up, collecting candy and maybe smashing some jack-o-lanterns along the way
Oct. 19 2015
Call me Judas. I spent the past 15-plus years of my life either working in advertising and marketing or covering it, and I’m here to tell you the single best thing you can do right now to impro
Oct. 19 2015
The Staples Center was lit up by thousands of little yellow torches. About 20,000 individual screams created one cacophonous wave that filled the darkened arena like a raging monsoon. The throngs were
Oct. 19 2015
IN FLIGHTWanna see a bespectacled music snob get really excited? Ask him or her about Brian Eno. While not exactly a household name, the iconic musician, producer and original member of glam-rock pion
Oct. 12 2015
The success of a show like Orange is the New Black is understandable. The Netflix dramedy, set in a New York women's prison, has a fantastic cast, engrossing characters and unpredictable
Oct. 5 2015
We'd love it if the Without Walls Festival could be an annual event. The fact that it's held every two years, however, helps to build anticipation for an entire weekend of site-specific theater experiences
Sept. 29 2015
I spent September half-off-the-grid on the Big Island of Hawaii, wanting very much to get away from an increasingly oppressive sense of not only having to be always on, but also not knowing how many entities...
Sept. 28 2015
Fabric and fiber arts often get a bad rap for being too fringe. Too stuffy. Too, well, boring. That's not the case with Women's Work: Masculinity and Gender in Contemporary Fiber Art, a bold and provocative...
Sept. 23 2015
Jello has an interesting way of lodging itself all the way up and into your butt crack. Getting it all the way out is not only difficult, it also allows you to reacquaint yourself with your own body
Sept. 21 2015
Even those entrenched in the local arts scene are sometimes surprised to learn San Diego has some internationally respected modern dance companies
Sept. 21 2015
The Santa Margarita River cuts through the preserve on its way from its Temecula source to the Pacific Ocean, and is home to a number of species of fish, including rainbow trout and striped mullet
Sept. 14 2015
San Diego certainly has options when it comes to seeing classic or cult films on the big screen. And while places like Ken Cinema and Cinema Under the Stars have charm, they're comparatively small next...


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