Feb. 8 2016
"Were you embarrassed about your vagina showing?" a friend asked in our long-running Facebook group chat. It's a fair question. Vaginas are our "private parts" after all, and I was letting
Feb. 8 2016
For a holiday with a history that involves executions, crazy Roman emperors and a bizarre fertility festival involving naked men swatting women with dog-skin whips (for real, look it up), Valentine's Day...
Feb. 1 2016
As we move into Super Bowl week—Denver Broncos over the Carolina Panthers, you can take that to the bank or your bookie—it's worth considering how much the future of television hinges on football,...
Feb. 1 2016
There's nothing like Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and it's often been said that if you remember it, then you probably weren't really there
Jan. 25 2016
One of the things we love about the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center—aside from it being one of the most fun places for kids to cut loose while also participating in some hands-on learning—is...
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Jan. 18 2016
If there’s an underlying takeaway to the success of a show like Making a Murderer or a podcast like Serial, it’s that audiences are interested in docudramas that deal in the subjects of human...
Jan. 11 2016
I write this desperate missive from the front passenger seat of a ridiculously plush oversized rental SUV, trapped in stagnant bumper-to-bumper traffic on the 10th floor of the Venetian Hotel and
Jan. 11 2016
Oh, white dudes. Y'all got real mad at me last month when I called out your privilege. More than the usual amount, which is substantial in itself. I don't respond to anything I've written bec
Jan. 11 2016
For those who've never experienced Steam Powered Giraffe's live performance, it's, well, hmmm...It's kind of hard to describe. Put simply, the steampunk-inspired musical project combines sketches, pantomime,...
Jan. 5 2016
It was a year filled with night excursions, tunnels, mines, caves and mountains. From the scores of adventures documented by Hidden San Diego in 2015 here are five highlights
Jan. 4 2016
PLAY IT AGAIN, SAN DIEGOIt seems like every week our hearts are warmed by some viral video of an unlikely musical hero who sits down at a piano and proceeds to blow the minds of everyone within earsho
Dec. 29 2015
Kwaaymii Point is an ideal spot to get away and clear your mind. At an elevation of 6,000 feet, it offers one of the most stunning, if not the most stunning views in San Diego
Dec. 27 2015
Watching someone do live art at a gallery opening can be a fantastic glimpse into the artistic process. But as any artist will tell you, most pieces of art take many hours and are obsessed over endlessly....
Dec. 21 2015
When I need a ride-share service, I've been loath to use Uber since November of last year, when one of its senior executives arrogantly told a few journalists the company was considering hiring opposition...
Dec. 21 2015
In a way, the holiday spirit has always been behind Exile on Kettner Blvd., The Casbah's (2501 Kettner Blvd.) yearly holiday show featuring a host of notable local musicians covering Rolling Stones songs
Dec. 14 2015
Lots of people go all out with their lights and decorations for Christmas. They put them up, in part, so you can go see 'em. Here's a listing of the highlights from all over the area
Dec. 14 2015
In a classic episode titled "The Strike" on the seminal sitcom Seinfeld, which aired from July 1989 to May of 1998 (Thanks, Internet!) on NBC, a holiday known as "Festivus" became part of popular culture
Dec. 14 2015
Singer-songwriter Alex Woodard says a few years ago his life had become "like a bad country song." His dog had died and he'd lost his record deal, but luckily for Woodard, inspiration returned in the form...
Dec. 7 2015
Local playwright and actor Mike Sears likes to tell people that When It Comes is based on events from his life. Then you read the synopsis of the play
Nov. 30 2015
In the same way video killed the radio star and digital cameras punk'd Polaroid and Kodak, technology and societal trends are well into the process of making Black Friday their latest blood red victim,...


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