May 8 2012
At times, I've felt as if my tenure at CityBeat has played out like low-budg version of The Devil Wears Prada ("a million girls would kill for your job" is one of my many mantras). So, with my love not...
April 11 2012
Though fur-suit enthusiasts have a public Meetup page, it wasn't easy to get access to the outing
March 28 2012
If you're a regular reader, you know that The Eagle holds a special place in my pervy heart; some of my best nights there have turned into columns, while the really good ones I've kept between me and...
March 14 2012
Guiding his buddy as he sewed up the stockinette-stitched sleeve along the stop-sign rod, he recounted the tale of his first stop-sign flower
Feb. 29 2012
Slevcove became familiar with the whimsical, kitschy statuette during high-school church-group trips to the TJ slums and vividly recalls that first encounter
Feb. 1 2012
There are two conditions from which Brazilian-boartist Paulo Nazareth will most likely never suffer: potassium deficiency and male pattern baldness
Jan. 18 2012
Standing well over 6 feet tall in heels (closer to 7 with the right hair), his presence is imposing, and halfway through his transformation, the similarities between him and his idol are uncanny
Jan. 4 2012
On a mission, he crossed Vermont Street. I waited for the walk sign, and as I joined him, a cop shone his patrol lights and ordered me to stop. The officer, sans badge or ID tag, instructed me to surrender...
Dec. 21 2011
In September, San Diego Magazine, with the help of 12 “big kahunas of the art world,” assembled a list of local art pieces and called it “100 Works of Art to See Before You Die.”...
Dec. 7 2011
Recently, I found myself at a creative dead-end. Yes, a couple of news stories had caught my eye, and, yes, I'd had my share of debaucherous nights. But I just wasn't sure how to translate that to a...
Nov. 21 2011
Tip: for full effect, read this in an Andy Rooney tone or bounce it back and forth with a buddy in the voices of Edith and Ellen, the elderly twins in the Walgreens commercial
Nov. 9 2011
Like Dorothy before me, I was off to meet the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of smut, and since red clashes with everything, I opted to don my shiny silver sneakers.
Oct. 26 2011
It's been a long road to get to this place, littered with eating disorders, yo-yo dieting and an array of substances ingested or shot into my body, all to fight that little voice in my head that tells...
Oct. 12 2011
I'm part of a culture that traditionally sees dogs as downright utilitarian, and if you'd told me before Boris came around that I'd keep an inside dog, I'd have laughed
Sept. 28 2011
Growing up in Tijuana, where the term “defensive driving” has a definition all its own, honking is second nature to me. On this side of the border, however, it's damn near blasphemous...
Sept. 14 2011
Considered the court jesters of the LGBT kingdom, drag queens had long faced discrimination within the community, but that all changed in the summer of 1969, when the Stonewall Riots—which put...
Aug. 31 2011
I've gotten away with literary murder in The Enrique Experience. From chronicling STD-themed parties to using all the 'ings (fucking, fisting, felching), few subjects have been off-limits. One reference...
Aug. 17 2011
Normally, I'd leave daunting DIY projects like the toilet flusher in the capable hands of a day laborer or, better yet, a lesbian. But this was a matter of principal


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