March 21 2012
It's a bit annoying when your photographer's trying to take a photo of the two of you for the last Shot on Scene and you're photobombed by two hipster cuties making duckfaces. Thanks, l
March 14 2012
You know what's great about a place like Henry's Pub that separates it from all the corporate-bullshit bars that come and go in the Gaslamp? The fact that you can show up on a Thursday night
March 7 2012
Touristy clubs—let's call them “trubs”—are a dime a dozen in the Gaslamp, and the reigning trub queen is Whiskey Girl, which just reopened in a new location
Feb. 29 2012
Remember when Mardi Gras was just about a little indulgence before fasting for Lent and not about getting shit-faced, collecting worthless beads and showing your privates to strangers? Yeah, well, nob
Feb. 22 2012
Remember Dreamstreet? It's likely that every local-music fan saw a bad band or three at the Ocean Beach venue before it closed last May. It was replaced by a sports bar called Mother's Ocean
Feb. 15 2012
Last Wednesday, James Brennan, co-owner of Stingaree nightclub, wrote an op-ed in the U-T San Diego that railed against Democrats for wanting to raise capital-gains taxes. Then, on Saturday night, a b
Feb. 8 2012
Is U-31 turning into a Pacific Beach-style bro bar? Is Quality Social the next Downtown hipster destination?
Feb. 1 2012
Let's just put aside the fact that the name sounds like a kids cartoon that may cause epileptic seizures. The funniest part about The Dragon Ball at Club M at the Grand Del Mar on Saturday
Jan. 25 2012
And here I thought nothing would rival the Great Potato Famine, Bennigan's restaurants and Lucky Charms when it came to terrible events in Irish history
Jan. 18 2012
Really?! 'Cause I heart dubstep about as much I heart the whole circa-2002 trucker-hat trend.
Jan. 11 2012
There's a huge difference between being the most interesting man in the world and being, well, just the old dude in the club. But when it comes to this guy, I can't hate, just congratulate
Jan. 4 2012
Oh my God, Becky. No, it's not a Sir Mix-A-Lot video shoot for “Baby Got (Even More) Back”; it's just one of the many scenes from the Gaslamp Quarter on New Year's Eve. Let%u2
Dec. 28 2011
It's Christmas night, and the bar just realized that Santa drank all the milk the night before. So, what do you do, hot shot? Grab the nearest guy with man boobs, a pair of scissors and get those
Dec. 21 2011
Since when do the holidays mean getting eggnogged drunk while looking like Ralphie unwrapping a BB gun? Yes, the onesie pajama parties were everywhere last weekend. Whether it was El-D's Pajama J
Dec. 14 2011
The folks at El Camino spent the entire weekend celebrating the club's second anniversary with local celebutantes coming out en masse to dance to DJs like Hoff and Mike Delgado. But as evidenced by t
Dec. 7 2011
There aren't that many cool dives left in San Diego that haven't been taken over by a bunch of fist-pumpers or hipsters (been around 30th and University lately?), but Tower Bar in City Heigh
Nov. 30 2011
A whiskey drinker, I'm getting a little sick of all the scenesters co-opting my drink. Seemed like everywhere I looked on Sunday night at Cafe Sevilla's new club, some trend-hopping boozehou
Nov. 23 2011
The king of the Downtown fist-pumping clubs, Fluxx, went with a rather pedophilic “Sweet Shoppe” aesthetic for its new winter theme, complete with candy-cane forests, go-go dancers inside gi
Nov. 16 2011
I was telling someone just the other day how much I miss Landlord Jim's
Nov. 9 2011
Despite six years at the same location and Saturday night's models looking like extras from a Fischerspooner concert, Fashion Whore is still going strong at The Ruby Room. Attendance was a bit sp
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