Aug. 15 2012
On the first tee of the finely groomed Morley Field disc-golf course, five college-age kids are waiting to begin their round. With startling synchronicity, they each grab a can of Natural Light beer...
July 18 2012
Five young men covered in blue and black protective uniforms are clustered together at one end of a field on the base at Camp Pendleton, each armed with a gun and poised to attack
June 20 2012
It's 3:30 p.m. and Eeva Bernardo has the thermostat of her yoga studio cranked precisely to 105 degrees. She takes off her shoes as she enters and begins wiping the wall-length mirror to get rid of any...
May 23 2012
Britney Henry throws hammers. Mind you, these aren't your hardware-store, ball-peen or claw hammers. Henry throws the Olympic hammer, an ancient cousin of the sledgehammer, with a cannonball-like sphere...
April 25 2012
One side of Rosa Parks Field in City Heights is a patchwork of dust and dry grass. At halftime, Janice Jordan passes around a bag of Halls to her team, the Undisputed Ones- UD1s for short-to soothe dry...
March 28 2012
Weapon in hand, I immediately want to swing my sword around like Penelope Cruz in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, maybe finishing my swordsmanship debut with a backflip into the splits
Feb. 29 2012
A few days before trying my luck on an SUP, I did what any self-respecting neophyte would have done: I Googled the sport and watched a few clips on YouTube. I found that a serious SUP subculture has...
Feb. 1 2012
As skateboarding culture became increasingly mainstream, the anti-rollerblading propaganda got louder and aggressive inline skating steadily waned in the United States
Jan. 4 2012
The racewalker's goal is simple: Walk as fast as possible. In fact, racewalking—an Olympic sport—has only two rules. One foot must always be on the ground (unlike in running) and each leg...
Dec. 7 2011
We're standing on top of a Downtown building that Tisdale manages, six stories up, on a particularly breezy evening. It's his suggestion to hold our interview up there, to show me where he practices...
Nov. 8 2011
Just like any other athlete, getting to top form doesn't come without its bumps and bruises. Martin often works the pole so hard that her skin turns raw. But it's no big deal to her
Oct. 12 2011
Today, bike polo is a people's sport. Teams play regularly in cities around the world, competing in tournaments and maintaining friendly rivalries. Pickup games are played every week; all you need is...
Sept. 14 2011
Whether Zumba is like Yoga (here to stay) or Tae Bo (a passing trend) remains to be seen. Peña says she'll continue to teach it primarily because she knows that there are so many people like...
Aug. 17 2011
Stop by a certain surf break in La Jolla and you might catch a curious sight. Between 10 a.m. and noon, June to October, walk the long walled ramp between two houses to the beach, and on the water maybe...


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