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Nov. 20 2012
When she was 11, Marzena's 35-year-old father died of cancer. Four years later, her mother, at age 37, also died of cancer. Relatives decided that 15-year-old Marzena would leave Poland to live with her...
Oct. 22 2012
Life is fleeting. It's good. It's bad. Then we vanish. It's pointless one minute and precious the next. Who knows what it's for?
Sept. 17 2012
Imagine you're inside a bar in San Diego. Let's say it's in the attic of a shoe-repair shop in a part of town where you don't want to walk around at night. You can get the password only by sending a self-addressed,...
Aug. 22 2012
There may be more pressing misuses of our public and private spaces, like lack of adequate homeless shelters, but these are my 10 pet peeves of the last 10 years. The dominant theme: carelessness
July 18 2012
Last Friday was Friday the 13th! So what? You don't actually believe that bullshit, do you? Apparently, you do. Or at least a lot of you do
June 20 2012
I like endearing aspects of our culture that are fading away, and a main one is a bar without a television
May 23 2012
Earlier this month, the Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC) ended its eight-month review of the massive power outage across San Diego, Imperial County, Yuma and Baja California on Sept. 8, 201
April 18 2012
The patrol car arrived and two officers stepped out and took a look at us teenage musicians with our weird clothes and knew all they needed to know
March 21 2012
There's a legend among grunion enthusiasts that catching a grunion, kissing it and releasing it back to the sea brings much better luck than killing and cooking it
Feb. 22 2012
I half-expected to see bomb payloads raining down on the mundane suburban street. But it wasn't a large-scale war that had come to Clairemont that afternoon; it was one unemployed tweaker's war against...
Feb. 7 2012
As a coastal city dweller, you might want to get in on the ground floor of helping document this eventuality for the amusement of the Last Generation, and now's your big chance
Jan. 25 2012
How is it that the bottoms of pages containing often well-reported stories in major news outlets have come to resemble heavily trolled chat rooms?
Jan. 11 2012
When I moved to San Diego as a kid, I was drawn to the unusual, and as soon as I had a license to drive my dad's old, beat-up 1974 hornet Sportabout, I began collecting sites of interest and conducting...
Dec. 28 2011
According to UCSD burritologist, Sharon A. Chimichanga, the burrito has thrived as the favorite quick meal for people on the go in the border area, thanks to its perfection through a series of proven...
Dec. 14 2011
Stick Control is simply the bible of learning how to hit things. The list of great drummers who've used and endorsed the book includes pretty much every legendary drummer ever—Gene Krupa, Jo Jones,...
Nov. 30 2011
Policing democratic expression takes up too much time, energy and resources. Police will isolate and destroy public demonstrations that last too long. That's just how they roll
Nov. 16 2011
Because San Diego sits on the border between the U.S. and Mexico, it's called a “border town.” But like any town, it has lots of borders. The one that divides the two countries is the most...
Nov. 2 2011
I don't remember any of the movies. I'm not sure we even opened the back doors of the van except to come up for air once in a while
Oct. 19 2011
When you hike alone at night, your senses are heightened and you focus on each sound and movement. The past falls behind you, the future is as tangible as math and you live unencumbered in the present...
Oct. 5 2011
The red tide is quite a spectacle, but whereas at some beaches it may seem like an anomaly, water that glows in the dark feels so apropos in Ocean Beach


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