Oct. 15 2003 12:00 AM

7 days in San Diego...

    Monday, Oct. 6
    A man invited himself, unannounced, into a womanÕs home in Mount Hope while she slumbered peacefully in her bed. The guy entered through a window at about 4 a.m. and, once inside, rudely awakened the woman by violently choking her and throwing her to the floor. Then he split.

    Tuesday, Oct. 7
    More than 200 Latino citizens and white college students showed up at their polling station in the East San Diego community of Rolando and found two-hour lines, grouchy attendantsÑwho were apparently struggling with the language barrierÑand only two voting booths. According to one observer, many would-be voters left without voting to return to work. In contrast, voters at downtownÕs County Registrar of Voters office were greeted by more than 50 employees and were in and out in less than 20 minutes.

    Wednesday, Oct. 8
    Having admitted that he played a role in smuggling three women into the United States from Mexico so that they could begin new and exciting careers in prostitution here, Luciano Salazar Juarez, a 36-year-old Mexican citizen, was sentenced to two years in prison. As for the women he escorted into the U.S., they died last December when the car they were traveling in capsized in CarlsbadÕs Agua Hedionda Creek.

    Thursday, Oct. 9
    Attorneys for three City Councilmembers Ralph Inzunza, Charles Lewis and Michael Zucchet, who are in deep doo-doo amid allegations of corruption, finally gave inquiring minds some indication of where their defense strategy will go. In court-filed documents, their lawyers said, among other things, that the police mislead the councilmen, that tapped phone conversations have been misinterpreted and that the law is vague and ambiguous.

    Friday, Oct. 10
    Officials with Pat & OscarÕs restaurants bit the bullet and announced that the chain would cover medical bills for more than three dozen people who picked up nasty cases of E. coli poisoning after feeding at one of a handful of Pat & OscarÕs outlets in San Diego and Orange counties. Company officials said the bacterium has been traced back to Gold Coast Produce, the chainÕs supplier of packaged salad mix.

    Saturday, Oct. 11
    Negotiators for three big supermarket companies and their unionized workers stopped talking early in the evening, unable to find a compromise on the issues of health benefits, a salary structure or pension payments. By 10 p.m., union leaders called for a strike against the company that owns Vons. In response and in keeping with a previously agreed-upon solidarity plan, Albertsons and Ralphs locked their workers out, meaning Grandma would have to breach a picket line to get her green beans, or take her business elsewhere.

    Sunday, Oct. 12
    San Diego Chargers fans breathed easy, knowing their football team could not loseÑthe Chargers had no game this week. However, thanks to the New York JetsÕ big win over the Buffalo Bills, Chargers fans were not spared the humiliation that comes with being emotionally connected to the last remaining winless team in the National Football League.

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