Dec. 15 2010 12:00 AM

The Habitat House is back, with a wall reserved for art

hello dear
"Hello Dear" by Kelly Murray

On and off for the last few years, the Habitat House has been a place to see good, live music in the most intimate of settings -- a home.

Zack Nielsen of SEZIO is carrying on the tradition and, alongside music, he says he plans on showcasing art.

If you're an artist, your brain should be saying, "Sweet, another venue in which to show and hopefully sell my work."

And for those of you who aren't artists, your head should be screaming, "Hell yeah! Another place for me to see and buy local art."---

I recently heard that yet another talented artist is leaving San Diego for Los Angeles, a "city that cares about art" in her words;  so, pardon  the buy-art aside, but it's just something cultured folks should be doing. Holidays are happening, folks. Support your local artists.

Anyhoo, Habitat will be showing art, so I asked Nielsen a few questions about the endeavor. The debut show is tonight from 6 to 10 p.m Wednesday, Dec. 15, featuring the pretty, illustrative paintings of artist and designer Kelli Murray

Here's what Nielsen had to say:

Kinsee Morlan: This is Habitat's debut art opening. What are the plans for future art shows? Monthly? Do you have artists scheduled? 

Zack Nielsen: We're planning to host monthly openings at the house, but who knows, we'll probably miss a month or two. We'll be featuring local and out of town artists in mostly solo shows, with the occasional group show thrown into the mix.  Our first group show will be called Neighbors, and will feature strictly Golden Hill artists who live within blocks of the house. This neighborhood is stacked with talent. The real point of turning our home into a gallery is to fill our neighbors houses with wonderful pieces of original artwork.

KM: What do you like about Kelli's work?

ZN: I've been a fan of Kelli's illustration and design for a long time, and her subject matter and style seemed fitting for a December show. She's definitely bringing a feminine touch to a house filled occupied by three dudes. We're also aiming to pair each month's opening with the bands that will be coming through to play. Kelli's work should make a perfect backdrop to the light, folk-inspired tunes of The Finches and Falling Trees (who play Habitat House on 12.19).

KM: What kind of wall space and lighting do you have in the house? Have you turned it into a gallery of sorts?

ZN: The main wall in the living room is huge. The artist has a 24 x 12 foot wall to work with, with an additional 12 x 12. We considered installing track lighting, but decided against it. At the end of the day, this is a house, and we'd like to keep a homey vibe.

Kelli Murray : Dreamer from Sezio on Vimeo.


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