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March 29 2011 12:00 AM

Shubhayan Industries has BobFilnerforMayor.com and more

Rep. Bob Filner's office still hasn't returned calls following reports that he told an audience on Sunday that he is, indeed, running for Mayor of San Diego in 2012.

Though the Democrat hasn't filed the necessary paperwork yet to start campaigning, his consultants seem to be making all the right moves to roll out his campaign. Shubhayan Industries (a.k.a. Shubhayan America), the Beverly Hills-based online strategists who manage online affairs for Filner's Congressional campaign, have registered a number of websites Filner will need if he runs for mayor. These include:


The domains were purchased in February, but none have content at this time.

Several domains have been purchased for other potential mayoral candidates, but through proxies that allow for anonymous registration, including FletcherforMayor.com, KehoeforMayor.com/org/net and ChrisKehoeforMayor.com/org/net.


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