April 26 2011 12:00 AM

Here are the mayor's prepared comments for yesterday's Sports Commission meeting

Jerry Sanders
Photo by Shelly Guberek

Today is Tip Tuesday, which doesn't really mean anything except that I post "It's Tip Tuesday! What should I investigate?" on Twitter and Facebook and hope that someone will scoot some dirt my way.

This morning a Twitter follower posed me this challenge:

yesterday's "secret" Chargers stadium meeting between Mayor and select group of business leaders
nnTo be honest, I had no idea what he was talking about. It turns out Matt Hall at the San Diego Union-Tribune had blogged about a closed-door meeting between Mayor Jerry Sanders and the executive board of the San Diego Sports Commission: ---

About 30 San Diego business leaders now know more about the Chargers stadium search than you do.

Mayor Jerry Sanders was meeting with the executive committee of the San Diego Sports Commission between 11 a.m. and noon Monday. The public was excluded, and this reporter was politely told to leave the meeting room inside the San Diego Hall of Champions at Balboa Park shortly after 11 a.m. nn

While escorting me to the front door, Alan Kidd, president of the Sann Diego Hall of Champions, told me that while some commission meetings nare open to members of the public or media, the practice is that its nexecutive committee meetings are private. He denied my request to make nan exception Monday.

The Sports Commission's executive committee includes a lot of powerful people and I generally don't like it when powerful people know more than the less-powerful people, even if that is the nature of things. So, I started filing public records requests. And to the Mayor's office's great credit, they turned my requests around faster than a rolled-taco-with-guac order in a Filiberto's drive-through.

First of all, according to internal Mayor's office emails, Sanders also met privately with executive-committee chair Ron Fowler (of Liquid Investments) and committee member Dan Shea (of Donovan's Steakhouse) immediately before the hearing.

Now, here are the comments that were prepared for Sanders for the executive board session: 


Mayor Jerry Sanders

Sports Commission Executive Board

April 25, 2011

• We had hoped to fund the stadium through a combination of redevelopment dollars and money from the NFL's G3 stadium loan program. 

   •• However, the future of these funding sources is uncertain

   ••Not sure when all this will be resolved

      ••• Redevelopment: May revise (May 13th)

• Met last month with Dean to discuss all this [Writer's note: this is presumably Dean Spanos, Chargers' CEO]

   •• I believe Dean when he says he wants to stay here.

• We're now looking at alternative ideas.

   ••Sports and Entertainment District

   •• Open to all ideas

• So many holes in the LA Stadium proposal

   •• Not true that no public money will be needed

   ••They have same redevelopment issues taht we do

   •• Still taking it seriously though

• Questions

UPDATE: We've downgraded the headline to indicate that it's *probably* what the Mayor said. Mayoral spokesperson Rachel Laing says that in the end the mayor didn't need or use the notes. He had it down pat.

n n

"Owing to a lifetime as a ncop, the mayor keeps lots of stuff in his head," Laing says. "I've never once seen himn take a note in a briefing."

UPDATE II: Voice of San Diego reporter Liam Dillon pointed out that there's nothing really new in these notes. We agree. Perhaps Hall needs to retract his lede?


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