Dec. 30 2011 12:00 AM

Surprise, surprise. CityBeat is not on the list of media organizations he'll work with

Carl DeMaio
Photo by David Rolland

Carl DeMaio's being very particular about the kind of formal debates he'll agree to in his campaign for the mayor's office. According to emails he's sent to debate organizers, DeMaio's demanding: 

1. Moderator must be neutral party who has not endorsed or opposed any candidacy.

2. All questions must be policy-oriented.

3. All questions must be asked of all candidates.

4. No candidate to candidate questions.

5. Must be sponsored or co-sponsored by a major media outlet (list available upon request).

So, we asked for the list and we're shocked*: Neither San Diego CityBeat nor the San Diego Reader—a combined weekly circulation of more than 200,000—made the list. Here it is: 


Fox 5

NBC 7/39


ABC 10

CW 6






Voice of San Diego


North County Times

San Diego Daily Transcript

And while it is notable that KUSI, DeMaio's BBFF (Best Broadcasting Friend Forevah), is at the top of the list and the Daily Transcript, which has recently been critical of DeMaio, is at the bottom, the list does not seem to be ordered on the scale of sycophancy. 

* Actually, we're not surprised.  


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