March 26 2012 12:00 AM

From Trayvon Martin to dating black women, the San Diego tax-fighter knows best

Richard Rider has a lot to say about black people

As the story of the homicide of Trayvon Martin, who was shot by a neighborhood watch captain for the crime of being black and hoodied, goes viral, a local blogger and libertarian activist has decided it's time to offer some advice to African-Americans. 

"If you do the grisly math, each WEEK over 110 blacks are killed by other blacks," Richard Rider, president of San Diego Taxfighters, writes in a blog post originally titled, "WHEN IT COMES TO MURDER, BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD MOST FEAR BLACK PEOPLE." 

Now, Rider is not a racist. In fact, he appeared on KPBS once to defend the Tea Party from smears that it was a movement predicated on hatred. Instead, Rider is just an expert on racism, race relations and black people. 

Rider, who recently registered as a Republican, cites statistics he found on Wikipedia to illustrate that hate crime is a small problem compared with black-on-black violence. So, instead of vilifying white supremacists, Rider says we should look at the unwed birth rate among black women, the glorification of "gangsta" culture and "the 'don't act white' too-often-seen young black mentality concerning getting a good education." Also, black people should ignore "race pimp" Jesse Jackson. 

We can almost hear Maya Angelou and Henry Louis Gates Jr. weeping with gratitude. 

Here are a few of Rider's best nuggets of racial wisdom: ---

One of his most favoritest subjects is how black people are actually the most racist people in America. 

“In polls where blacks think the polling results will stay within the black community, the degree of racism -- against ALL other races -- is disconcerting.”

—March 2010, "Blacks are the most blatantly racist race in America."

“Hate speech and racist remarks overwhelmingly emanate from Democrats and other lefties.”

—August 2011, "Disgusting racist comment from black Congressman. So?"

But even though Rider thinks black people are racists, he still cares about protecting their pollution-handling jobs: 

"The industries you plan to run out of California offer the best jobs for working class people -- especially for these two minorities [black and Hispanic]." 

Rider even knows what black women want—and it ain't him: 

"... white men are more politically conservative than women in general, and black women surely are considerably more liberal than the average adult female.

Yes, there are still a bunch of clueless, swaggerless heterosexual liberal men (universally recognized as less manly than conservatives), but a large swath of astute white conservative and libertarian males are pretty much off-limits for most black women -- by mutual agreement.”

—September 2011, comment on article about African-American women dating white men. 

Rider also says black people should be as wary of public education as they are of white supremacists: 

What the education unions and their bought-and-paid-for Democrat allies have done to inner city black and Hispanic kids would warm the cockles of any KKK Grand Dragon.

—January 2012, "School choice is alive and growing -- in other states."

If the KKK were queried on this issue, they'd back the teachers big-time. The present system keeps lower income minorities down far better than any burning of a few KKK crosses could accomplish. Hence the offspring of these inbred knuckle-dragging KKK members have a good chance to compete with people of color. No single institution does more to "keep blacks in their place" than government education.

- August 2011, comment on story about Matt Damon's pro-union position

As for the Southern Policy Law Center, an organization that specializes in identifying and tracking hate groups, Rider writes: 

"... the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group dependent [on] violent white hate groups (almost all imaginary) for it's [sic] very existence -- and funding. A more dishonest outfit is hard to imagine."

- February 2011,  "Hate speech in Madison. Which side, I wonder . . ."

Rider also cares about the Asian community, especially when they're harmed by pro-black educational policies: 

One of the enduring misconceptions of affirmative action is that it's a redress of past grievances -- a sort of "payback" to the slaveowning white race (other races didn't own slaves, you see, so all whites -- past, present and future -- should forever pay for these sins of long ago). Hence "affirmative action" (in reality a formal or informal quota system) is somehow a fair process in the "social justice" context.

Problem is, when it comes to college admissions (giving legal and/or DE FACTO preference to "people of color"), it's not the whites that are most discriminated against. It's those evil hard-working Asians who suffer most from this liberal-favored discrimination policy... ON AVERAGE, Asians have an academic work ethic unmatched by any other group, except perhaps the Jews (are they a race?). If we admitted kids based on their demonstrated education excellence, SAT scores and eagerness to take on hard majors, Asians could perhaps make up the majority of many colleges' student slots.

And somehow that's a bad thing in America. Pathetic.

... Like blacks in the Jim Crow South and Jews in NAZI Europe, more and more Asians are learning to not disclose their race to authorities.


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