July 10 2012 12:00 AM

Roberts gives U-T San Diego owner a big happy birthday proclamation

    How did we miss Papa Doug Manchester Day?

    To celebrate, we could've rolled up the newspaper and stuffed it down our pants... Or we could've just thrown a watermelon off the roof.

    This isn't a joke. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors, at the behest of Supervisor Ron Roberts (whose political campaigns have benefited from Manchester's generosity), recently issued a proclamation honoring Manchester on his 70th birthday. It was on May 31, but we only caught this now because it was attached to today's board meeting agenda.

    The proclamation not only strokes Manchester's, um, ego, but is nearly an endorsement of his controversial plan for the Downtown waterfront, which they break down in detail. Manchester is described as someone  "noted for his urban vision," who is dedicated to the "noblest motive of the public good."  Much of the text was cribbed verbatim from Manchester's official online biography.

    We wonder if this got them all invites to
    Manchester's private birthday party. The Beach Boys headlined!---

    The full text of the proclamation:
    WHEREAS, as chairman of Manchester Financial Group. Papa Doug Manchester is a true industrialist, with accomplishments on a national and international scale in telecommunications, radio broadcast, medical instrumentation, publishing and real estate development, and

    WHEREAS, after beginning his professional life in the insurance industry. Papa Doug rose to become one of the city's most successful developers and is considered the father of the San Diego Convention Center due to his contribution of the property for its development; and

    WHEREAS, a partial list of his noteworthy developments includes the Torrey Pines Business and Research Park, Torrey Pines Science Park, Hotel La Jolla and Shore Club Condominium Towers; and

    WHEREAS, Papa Doug's completion of the First National Bank building, and shortly later the then-lnter Continental Hotel, complemented Ernest Hahn's opening of Morton Plaza and set the stage for an unprecedented three decades of growth and turnaround in Downtown San Diego; and

    WHEREAS, through his effort and perseverance, the South Embarcadero was energized and is today home to the second largest Marriott and Hyatt hotels in the world, all built by Papa Doug; and

    WHEREAS, noted for his urban vision. Papa Doug is working on a plan for San Diego's Downtown that would include a new stadium and expanded convention center; and

    WHEREAS, in November 2011, Papa Doug bought San Diego's largest newspaper, where he now serves as Chairman and Publisher of the U-T San Diego, a business he is transitioning into a fully integrated digital, print and broadcast media operation; and

    WHEREAS, a leading philanthropist. Papa Doug has contributed to countless local educational, youth and nonprofit efforts, including the Manchester Executive Conference Center at USD, Manchester Mall at SDSU, the Scripps Memorial Hospital Maternity Wing, Child Abuse Prevention Foundation and Monarch School for homeless children; and

    WHEREAS, the County of San Diego is committed to recognizing and honoring those citizens who are dedicated to the noblest motive of public good, and "Papa" Doug Manchester is one such worthy individual;

    NOW THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED by Chairman Ron Roberts and all members of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors thatthey do hereby commend "PAPA" DOUG MANCHESTER on the occasion of his 70th birthday for outstanding service,leadership and commitment to area residents, and do hereby declare this 31th day of May 2012 to be "PAPA DOUG MANCHESTER DAY" throughout San Diego County.


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