Dec. 13 2012 12:00 AM

Local rockers line up shows for April, announce new album

    Rocket from the Crypt

    John Reis and his indie-rock brethren have been doing all sorts of awesome stuff lately. First, Hot Snakes reunited. Then, The Night Marchers announced plans for a new album. Now, after a seven-year break, Rocket from the Crypt is getting back together. When will the fun stop?

    After hinting at a reunion in November, yesterday Rocket announced a series of upcoming European tour dates on its Facebook page. True to the Swami's enigmatic nature, the info came encircled in a fog of cryptic tomfoolery: The band also included an interview (who conducted it, nobody knows) announcing plans for a new albumproduced by Dave Grohl and a note explaining, "We are not playing the Indio Date Festival"- though it's not quite clear when they're actually being serious.

    Of course, everybody's probably wondering if the band will play any local shows. None have been lined up yet, apparently, though the band's interview suggests it's a possibility. Reis didn't respond to a phone call, email and Facebook message from CityBeat.

    Check out the tour details and Q&A below: ---

    Again In Berlin, Germany @ Festaal
    April 2, 2013. A Tuesday. 25 O's €

    Again for the first time in Tampere, Finland @ Klubi
    April 3, 2013. It's a Wednesday. 25 O's €

    Again in gay, Paris celebrating Doudou's 30th Birthday @ La Trabendo
    April 4, 2013. A Thursday, no less. 25 O's €

    Again on Lake Geneva, Switzerland @ L'Usine
    April 5, 2013. I believe it's a Friday. 25 O's €

    Again in Barcelona, Spain celebrating La Castanya 5 year Anniversary Party with Biscuit @ Razmatazz. After party TBA
    April 6, 2013. I am not sure but I think this is a Saturday. first 100 tix 20 O's €, then 25 O's € after

    PS: We are not playing the Indio Date Festival

    Q: Will there be other shows?
    A: Maybe. We will see how it goes
    Q: If I have a Rocket tattoo can I get in free?
    A: Yes, but only those with the new "reborn again" logo. This new logo consists of a purple phallus relieving itself on 3 rolled tacos with guacamole.
    Q: Can I shake Speedo's hand?
    A: Of course, but please bring hand sanitizer and have your camera focused and ready so that others can have an opportunity as well.
    Q: I have a band that wants to play with you guys. Is this possible?
    A: Possibly. If you have 2 Marshall JCM 800 half stacks, a decent bass amp and you don't mind us making pee pee on your equipment and you playing for free yes, perhaps we can work something out.
    Q: This isn't really a question….but that sounds like a bad deal
    A: You obviously do not know the value of exposure.
    Q: My friend Chris doesn't really like your band, but he is my ride. What should I do?
    A: Fuck you, Chris
    Q: I have final exams that week and I won't be able to attend.
    A: Good for you
    Q: Why are you playing again? Are you broke or something?
    A: I just want to make people happy, if only for an hour or two
    Q: Are there plans for a new RFTC record?
    A: Yes, Dave Grohl from Nirvana is producing.
    Q: Any last words?
    A: Rock N Roll will never die. It can only live. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all very soon.
    Read aCityBeat interview with Reis here. And check out the video for Rocket from the Crypt's song "Born in '69":

    Also, Listen to a new song from The Night Marchers below, "All Hits." The Night Marchers' new album, Allez Allez, comes out via Swami Records on Jan. 22, 2013.


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