Donut Bar's box of lovelies

Troy Johnson's become a one-man Woodward and Bernstein of food news, uncovering tasty bites that, apparently some restauranteurs don't want you to know about-like the pending opening of Kafe Sobaka, the new venture by the owners of University Heights' Russian / Georgian restaurant, Pomegranate. But, what really got our attention is Sobaka's menu, which is written in Pomegranate's same cheeky style. Some examples: ---

Khinkali: A mountain dweller from the Caucasus will have this dish which is meat or vegetarian dumplings. If your feet are tired eat these dumplings and your daily troubles will be forgotten. 

Pelmeni Siberian Meat Dumplings: Life is no goodski without these. 

Tabaka (Loresha's special aka Yellow Blue Bus): Is not your fried yard bird. A plump and juicy fried Cornish hen is split down the middle with crisp skin is a poem of a meal on its own. Please allow 25 minutes to catch the bird, stick it under a rock, and to fry it. Like Loresha purrs, "Your mouth will be delighted like never before, with this tasty, fiery marvel from the Caucasus."
Nibbles went on vacay for the holidays and didn't report that El Dorado Cocktail Lounge started serving in December the next what-will-they-think-of-next in cocktails: craft shots. Here are three: 

Bee Sting: gin, fresh lemon juice, honey, peach bitters 
Spokane Apples: gin, fresh lime juice, housemade grenadine, baked apple bitters 
Gold Nugget: bourbon, fresh lemon juice, honey

Shots are served as a trio for $12.

Sprinkles Cupcakes in La Jolla celebrates two years on Sunday, Jan. 13. Be one of the first 1,000 people to show up and buy a cupcake and you'll get a free scoop of Red Velvet Ice Cream.

Several weeks ago, we mentioned Burger Lounge's series of wild-game burgers-every two months, a new beast burger would be rolled out, kicking off with  grass-fed Colorado bison and topped with Point Reyes blue-cheese crumbles and tangy pickled onions. The second burger in the series, available now, is the Smokey Wild Boar Burger with smoked cheddar, hand-cut onion rings, and housemade barbecue sauce. It'll be available through February.  

If your new year's resolution was to cut back on carbs, you're so bummed. Opening next month Downtown, at 631 B St., is Donut Bar. From their Facebook page: "Donut Bar promotes and celebrates an artisan baking culture that first appeared in Europe and America in the 1940s which has recently been revived by small groups of like minded out of the box thinkers in America." But wait-there's more! 

The company is based in a 2200 sq ft  renovated print shop in beautiful Downtown San Diego. Home to So Cal's only donut exhibition kitchen, private party facilities and donut design studio. Above the Kitchen is the Donut Bar Lounge, where locals relax in comfortable leather chairs and plug into free wi-fi while sipping on the best darn coffee in town.


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