July 29 2013 12:00 AM

Pinback, Wavves, The Burning of Rome among bands nominated

Author and Punisher
Author & Punisher
Marilia Maschion

Local music nerds, queue up your arguments and rebuttals, because San Diego Music Awards season is upon us. The full list of nominees was announced Sunday night, via 91X's "Loudspeaker" and FM 94.9's "The Local Pyle," as well as via the SDMA Website. As per usual, the list of nominees this year includes many of the usual suspects, such as Pinback, Slightly Stoopid, P.O.D. and The Silent Comedy.

However, there are some interesting and laudatory nominations in this year's batch, including Chess Wars, Barbarian and Flaggs for Best New Artist, as well as Author & Punisher, whose awesome Women and Children is nominated for Best Hard Rock Album. Right now, the list of nominees goes to a public vote, with Monday, Sept. 16 being the final deadline for ballots. To cast your vote, go to the SDMA website or click here to take the survey.

In addition to the list of nominations, the San Diego Music Awards also unveiled its lineup of performers at the awards ceremony in October, which includes Sara Watkins, Tristan Prettyman, Sara Petite, Blackout Party, The Heavy Guilt and The Palace Ballroom. The San Diego Music Awards ceremony takes place Wednesday, Oct. 9, at Humphrey's By the Bay. Tickets are available here.

Full list of nominees: ---

Album of the Year:

Mike Keneally - Wing Beat Fantastic
P.O.D. - Murdered Love
Pacific Air - Stop Talking
Pinback - Information Retrieved
Slightly Stoopid - Top Of the World
The Burning of Rome - With Us
Tristan Prettyman - Cedar + Gold
Wavves - Afraid of Heights

Artist of the Year:
Family Wagon
Gilbert Castellanos
Little Hurricane
The Burning of Rome
The Heavy Guilt
The Silent Comedy

Song of the Year:

A.J. Croce – "Rollin' On"
Pacific Air - "Move"
Pinback - "Proceed to Memory"
P.O.D. - "Beautiful"
Slightly Stoopid - "Don't Stop"
The Silent Comedy – "God Neon"
Tristan Prettyman - "My Oh My"
Wavves - "Demon to Lean On"

Best Alternative:
Cuckoo Chaos
Cult Vegas
Dead Feather Moon
The Burning of Rome
The Heavy Guilt
The Nformals
Tropical Popsicle
Wild Wild Wets

Best Alternative Album:
Lexington Field - No Man's War
Mad Traffic - City
New Mexico – Malpaís
Social Club - Gamma Rays
The Burning of Rome -With Us
The Heavy Guilt - s/t
The Night Marchers - Allez Allez
We Are Sirens - Every, Body, Panic

Best Americana:
John Meeks
L.A. Edwards
Nena Anderson
Sara Petite
Roy Rapid & The Rhythm Rock Trio
Sara Watkins
The Tree Ring

Best Americana Album:

A.J. Croce - Twelve Tales
Alaina Blair – s/t
El Monte Slim - If I Could Just Break Even
Folding Mr. Lincoln - Two Rivers
Joel Rafael - America Come Home
River City - The Flood & The Gavel
The Tilt - Howlin'
The Tree Ring - Brushbloom

Best Blues:
The Bayou Brothers
Bill Magee Blues Band
Chet & The Committee
Michele Lundeen
Robin Henkel
Stoney B. Blues Band
Tomcat Courtney

Best Blues Album:
Candye Kane - Coming Out Swingin'
Charles Burton Blues Band - Sweet Potato Pie
Chess Wars - Peace
Johnny Vernazza - Lions & Thieves
Low Volts - Oh My Stars
Red Lotus Revue – Fourteen Stories
Sue Palmer & her Motel Swing Orchestra - Party Favorites
Whitney Shay - Soul Tonic

Best Club DJ:
Adam Salter
Fresh One
Gabe Vega
Kanye Asada
Marc Thrasher
Junior the Disco Punk
Saul Q

Best Cover Band:
Beta Maxx
The Jones Revival
Cash'd Out
The Detroit Underground
Electric Waste Band
The Baja Bugs
Thunder Road

Best Hard Rock:

Audio Addiction
Death Crisis
Mortuus Terror

Best Hard Rock Album:
Author & Punisher-Women and Children
Boy King - 1
Dirty Sirens - s/t
In Feat and Faith - s/t
Lord Howler - ...Hath Four Heads!
Retox - YPLL
The Suicide Chords - A Process of Self Worth

Best Hip Hop:
Black Resume
Blame One
El Gun Legro
Grammatical B
Parker & the Numberman
Legacy Pack
The Lyrical Groove
Vokab Kompany

Best Hip Hop Album:
Addiquit - Tragedy
Awol & Gamma - SinSerious
Bloodstone The Street Preacher - Life of Rhyme
Marty MacPhly - In Advance
Miki Vale - The Good, The Bad & The Lovely
Odessa Kane - Cuetes & Balisongs
Trackwide - 21+
Vokab Kompany & Crush Effect - VKCE

Best Jazz:
Bill Caballero
Euphoria Brass Band
Gilbert Castellanos
In Motion Trio
Joshua White
Rob Thorsen
Dialog Project
The Earful

Best Jazz Album:
Danny Green - A Thousand Ways Home
Gilbert Castellanos - Federal Jazz Project
Mike Wofford - It's Personal
Miss Erika Davies - Part the Sea
Pocket - Resonance
Road Work Ahead - Intersection
Steph Johnson - Nature Girl
Teagan Taylor - Hello 

Best Live Band:

Burning of Rome
Gilbert Castellanos
Lady Dottie & the Diamonds
Little Hurricane
The Creepy Creeps
The Heavy Guilt
The Silent Comedy
The Styletones

Best Local Recording:

Darius Degher - The Coyote Cantos
Grampadrew - Cut From The Cloth
The Sickstring Outlaws - Johnny Drank Jack
The Lovebirds - and a one and a two
The Midnight Pine - Awake Now
The Touchies - Mess with the Unicorn
Tide Pools - Grief is a Wilderness
The Wayne Riker Five - Kindred Souls 

Best Music Video:
Cuckoo Chaos - "Shanghaied"
Mrs. Magician - "There is No God"
P.O.D. - "Beautiful"
Pinback- "Sherman"
Slightly Stoopid - "Don't Stop"
Social Club - "Slow Motion"
The Silent Comedy - "God Neon"
Wavves - "Afraid of Heights"

Best New Artist:
Chess Wars
Soda Pants
Teenage Burritos
The Filthy Violets
The Midnight Pine
The Phantoms

Best Pop:
Dr. Seahorse
Mad Traffic
Mrs. Magician
Okapi Sun
Scott Mathiason & The Shifty Eyed Dogs
Smile Now Cry Later
The Silent Comedy
Ed Ghost Tucker

Best Pop Album:
Belmont Lights - Telegraphs
Chris Carpenter - Up All Night
Dawn Mitschele - Silence the Noise
Josh Damigo - Hope
Neon Cough - New Adventures in Wi-Fi
Tori Roze and The Hot Mess – Turbulence
Old Tiger - Love Have Mercy
Tolan Shaw - s/t

Best Rock:
Blackout Party
Black Hondo
Family Wagon
Grand Tarantula
Jet West
The Beautiful View
The Donkeys

Best Rock Album:
Black Market III - Songs that Shake The Cage
Dirty Sirens - s/t
Hills Like Elephants - Feral Flocks
Safety Orange - State of Where I Am
The Nervous Wreckords - Let Them All Talk
The New Regime - Exhibit A
The Palace Ballroom -This is the Plan...
The Paragraphs - +/-
Best Singer-Songwriter:
Chad Taggart
Christopher Dale
Gayle Skidmore
Gregory Page
Jeff Berkley
Jeffrey Joe Morin
Marie Haddad
Steven Ybarra

Best World Music:

Cumbia Machin
Shoreline Rootz
The Devastators
Todo Mundo
Tribal Seeds

Best World Music Album:
B-Side Players - Revolutionize
High Tide - Still Rising
Keltic Kharma - Cocktail Kharma
Patric Petrie - Pocket Venus
San Diego Island Boys - II
Revival - The Message
Stranger Band - Above it All
Tribal Theory - Hell of a Night


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