Pre-baby, I had a pretty active social life and would semi-regularly blog about the arts and culture events I was planning on hitting up in a recurring feature we called The Kinsee Report

Enter a 10-pound, 4-ounce baby last December and you have an arts reporter who goes out past 7 p.m. a heck of a lot less. But I promise you I'm doing my best to be just as accessible and in-touch with the local arts scene. Got a story idea, comment or criticism? Email me at

My goal is to resurrect The Kinsee Report and make it a weekly blog post (maybe biweekly or even just monthly depending on my workload). But rather than focusing on events and other things I'm doing, I'll be featuring things that have caught my attention but didn't make it into the print edition of San Diego CityBeat. On to The Kinsee Report:---


Bagby Beer Co. won't be painting over this graffiti found at the construction site of their new brewery. Why not? Read the moving and emotional post about it here. If you look closely at the piece, you'll see it reads "Cancer Can't Kill Me." Seriously, just read the post to find out more about the people and the story behind the graffiti. Big thanks to A Way with Words' Grant Barrett for bringing this one to my attention.

Photo by Grant Barrett

Who did this phenomenal piece of street art? Anyone know? Email me with any info, on or off the record. A Way with Words' Grant Barrett (again, yes; apparently he's got his finger on the pulse of local street art this week) posted the above photo of the very detailed and beautiful wheat-paste piece he found here, near the Museum of Man where he also hangs one of his many hats. Sadly, much of it was torn away by the end of the day.

These 1-800-BOBBY pieces popping up around town are totally awesome. An Instagram post and a few Tweets ultimately uncovered the artist behind these hilarious street-art pieces. I'll resist the urge to reveal the name of the artist, though, and let you try to figure this one out on your own.  

BERT's new mural of surfer Kelly Slater

Have you seen the giant painting of surfer Kelly Slater in Encinitas? The 17-foot-tall piece is by a local street artist who goes by BERT. You can see it from the Coast Highway. BERT's limited-edition prints of the piece are available here.

The San Diego African American Museum of Fine Arts is back. The museum without walls, which has been on hiatus for some time, is being revived by former board member, Gaidi Finnie. SDAAMFA will celebrate their grand reopening with a Civil Rights-themed photography exhibition, opening from 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1, at the M.L. King Center at Bayview Baptist Church (6134 Benson Ave., Encanto). Finnie says his goal is to eventually convert the event space at the church into a museum-quality gallery and permanent home for the museum.

The San Diego Urban Sketchers Meetup Group took part in the 42nd Worldwide Sketchcrawl on Saturday, Jan. 25, at the Balboa Park Lily Pond. A "Sketchcrawl" is basically a pub crawl with art supplies instead of pints, wherein artist participate in an intense day of marathon drawing. The San Diego Urban Sketchers meet about twice a month at various San Diego locations to sketch and paint San Diego. 

Zandra Rhodes, a pioneer of punk-rock fashion

San Diego Opera announced some big names joining their board of directors. Former mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher, famed fashion and opera-costume designer Zandra Rhodes and others were recently elected to the board. 

The Downtown San Diego Partnership is working to reactivate Gaslamp SquareThe Partnership's is a holding a "tactical urbanism" event at the corner of Fifth Avenue and L Street from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, Jan. 31. The group wants the community to help reactivate the plaza, which has been fenced off for five years because of the broken "Dancing Waters" fountain.  The fountain (which was adored by the community but ended up costing too much to properly restore) was paved over and the barrier has been removed, but now it's up to the community to come up with ideas on how this small-but-important pocket of urban public space should be used. Show up and share your ideas on Friday

The Nest

The Barrio Logan Renaissance continues. The Nest, an art studio/gallery, screeprinting and sign-painting shop operated by artist Jorge Mendoza, celebrated its grand opening last weekend. The new space, at 210 Evans St., will eventually "become a hub for community and local artists" and host communal screen-printing opportunities and feature a storefront showcasing local artists and a community bike shop. 

"Fair" by Israel Castillo

Israel Castillo took an iPhone photo a day in 2013 and the results are so much better than the photos you take every day. You can see the work from Castillo's yearlong project at the opening of his #365 exhibition from 5 to 10 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1, at La Bodega Studios & Gallery (2196 Logan Ave., Barrio Logan) or by scrolling through his captivating Instagram feed.

"Autumn Read" by Igor Koutsenko

Mission Federal ArtWalk's 2014 featured artists were announced last night. This year's lineup include Cynthia Colis, Darrell Driver, Nancy D. Eckels, Danny Hughes, Steve Kell, Igor Koutsenko, Grant Pecoff, Marna Schindler, Dorit Schwartz, Ray Shaw, Jeff Yeomans and Rafael Gevorkian.


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