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Nov. 27 2002 12:00 AM

Puppetry Show and Mockumentary

How about this for some holiday cheer (or should we say, holiday queer)?: Let's stoke the debate on providing shamelessly flamboyant gays as role models in some of our most deeply cherished traditions.

Oh, settle down. It's done tastefully. Sort of. Emmy-nominated writer and performer Jeffrey Solomon brings his rapier satirical wit and flamboyantly talented wares to the 6th@Penn Theatre in Hillcrest with Santa Claus Is Coming Out, a multi-character, one-man tour de farce about the outing of good ole' St. Nick, seen through the eyes of the people closest to The Man In Red. The show combines puppetry with mockumentary interviews of Santa's inner circle, subverting, upending and lampooning our Yuletide mores while keeping the audience in stitches along the way.


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