Sept. 28 2016
On this episode of STP Pony Death Ride will discuss the release of their new CD, Cat Sounds, a reading of Sordid Tales the Column (The Mother Buys an iPhone), and more
Oct. 19 2015
On this episode of Sordid Tales: the Podcast! we have singer, songwriter, musician, producer, journalist, historian and skinny tie wearer, Bart Mendoza! Also, Pony Death Ride Reviews A Movie –
Sept. 17 2015
On this episode of STP, we have CityBeat's very own Ron Donoho on the show. Ron's going to talk to us about taking over the reins as managing editor for the magazine and what it's like dealing with Ed...
sordidtalespodcast_2013 (1)
Aug. 14 2015
Today on STP, we have rhymer-songwriter, Rob Deez in the studio. Also, The News with Claudia Russell, a reading of Sordid Tales The Column called "Am I an Alcoholic or a Boozer", and of course Ed Decker's...
Aug. 4 2015
In just a couple weeks, Aug. 22 and 23 to be specific, FYF Fest will take place in Los Angeles at the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena and Exposition Park. Last year was the first time the festival was held...
June 28 2015
Earlier this year, we watched Los Angeles-based artist bumblebeelovesyou paint a child playing with a cootie catcher on the east-facing outside wall of Señor Grubby's. In May, Morley brought his...
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June 23 2015
On this episode of STP we have the legendary singer/songwriter duo, Berkley Hart. Together they will render tales from the stage and road AND play a couple songs live in the studio. Oh, and if you're...
Deadphones 1
June 3 2015
Deadphones have been on a bit of a hiatus since last year, after releasing their excellent self-titled debut album, but while it's been a little quiet on the live show front, they've just debuted a new...
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April 9 2015
On this episode of Sordid Tales the Podcast we may or may not have rapper, rhymer, comedian Rob Deez, who we may or may not have interviewed and who may or may not have played some songs in the studio...
April 6 2015
In last year's Food Issue, I wrote about my experience killing a pig for food and the importance of using every last bit of meat on a beast that gives its life for our sustenance. In the Dec. 3, 2014,...
ion KIN 5
March 16 2015
Hannah Logan was a San Diego Theatre Critics Circle award winner last month for her performance in 2014's creepy Bug, produced by Ion Theatre in Hillcrest. Logan is back in an Ion production, and she's...
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March 4 2015
Today on STP we have legendary songwriter and performer, Jack Tempchin. This is the man who wrote some of the Eagles' biggest hits such as "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and "Already Gone" as well as a whole...
March 2 2015
Weirdo art-punk trio Hot Nerds will release their new album, Strategically Placed Bananas, on March 10 via Three One G. And as a preview, the group has released a 12-minute faux documentary on the making...
Feb. 23 2015
What's most noteworthy about San Diego Musical Theatre's current production of West Side Story is where it's being produced: Downtown at the Spreckels Theatre. It's a new home for SDMT, which had been...
Feb. 14 2015
Vandalism and natural wear and tear caused the city of Escondido to close Niki de Saint Phalle's iconic "Queen Califia's Magical Circle" for more than a year
Feb. 12 2015
I've always had a sentimental attachment to the Lafayette Hotel in North Park. Maybe because of all those visits to the on-site Red Fox Room and the enjoyment of its killer cocktails. Or maybe because...
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Feb. 2 2015
On this episode of STP, we have Danielle LoPresti, founder of the alt-rock activist group Danielle LoPresti and the Masses, and co-founder of San Diego IndieFest-the groundbreaking, independent music...
daniel-jackson.widea (1)
Jan. 27 2015
Honoring Daniel Jackson: Saxophonist Daniel Jackson was a giant of the San Diego jazz scene
Jan. 26 2015
In November, a jury found San Diego County liable in the death of Daniel Sisson, a 21-year-old inmate in the Vista Detention Facility (VDF) who died in his cell on June 25, 2011, from an asthma attack...
Jan. 20 2015
Arsalun Tafazoli and Paul Basile make a great team. Tafazoli's the co-founder of CH Projects, the folks behind some of San Diego's best restaurants and bars-Polite Provisions, Craft & Commerce, Ironside...


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