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Sept. 1 2015
Wet-plate photography is difficult. Anton Orlov has done it enough, though, that most of the time his photographs turn out beautifully
Aug. 25 2015
Anna Stump is mostly known for her series of oil paintings of "Sexy Jesus," painterly large-scale nudes and flora-inspired pieces done collaboratively with Daphne Hill
Aug. 25 2015
Elsie Arredondo is living her dream—sort of. The former healthcare worker became a gallery owner two years ago, but taking over what was then-called Monarch Gallery on Prospect Street has presented...
Aug. 18 2015
Burning Man kicks off Aug. 30 in a desert in northern Nevada, but a group of local festivalgoers has been prepping for the famed annual event since April
Aug. 18 2015
A colorful new sculpture stands tall on Fairmount Avenue in City Heights. Titled "Cultural Fusion" by artist Jim Bliesner, the large-scale piece itself is striking, but it represents the beginning of something...
Aug. 13 2015
Over the past few decades, the prolific painter’s recognizable work has become an important part of the city’s cultural landscape. A self-taught abstract artist with an almost encyclopedic...
Aug. 12 2015
Stevens is the driving force behind San Diego's growing van subculture. Widely known as DJ Greyboy, a musician and deejay who's traveled the world playing music, he's also becoming one of the most recognizable...
Aug. 11 2015
"I like to think that I'm one of the only gallerists in San Diego who owns their own gallery," says Morgan Mandalay, the artist behind SPF15, a transient contemporary art space
Aug. 4 2015
Durian smells like turpentine, baby diarrhea, rotten fruit, dirty feetthe list of stenches the exotic fruit emanates goes on. But if you can get past the pungent odor, the taste is thrilling
Aug. 4 2015
Four underserved neighborhoods are now homes to new public art, compliments of The San Diego Museum of Art's lauded Open Spaces program
July 28 2015
Inocente recently turned 21, but she's been doing adult-like things far longer. The intimate details of her difficult childhood are divulged in Inocente, a 40-minute documentary by filmmakers Sean...
July 28 2015
Artist Kristina Bell DiTullo is one of 41 San Diego artists selected for the 24th Annual Juried Exhibition, opening from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Friday, July 31, at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library (1
July 28 2015
Joy Chu's deep knowledge of illustrated children's books is palpable. She's worked in the industry for decades so she's seen all the trends and been through all the ups and downs
July 21 2015
Things have changed dramatically for this small block of Logan Avenue over the last few years. The arts spaces have attracted small businesses and, thanks largely to the ongoing Barrio Art Crawl events...
July 20 2015
Standing inside his bathroom, Steven Churchill is showing me a few photos from his personal collection. "The work always has a story," he says of the limited-edition prints by artists like Mariela Sancari...
July 20 2015
An ambitious exhibition originally scheduled to open in November at the Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) has been cancelled
July 13 2015
It's not totally earth shattering or even new or different, but incorporating original art in a building is a good idea and certainly one that not enough local real-estate companies are doing
July 13 2015
As a gay-rights activist for the last four decades, Carl Raymond Schmidt's artwork has explored all sorts of related themes
July 8 2015
Everyone should be able to pick up comic-book making by tomorrow. So says Patrick Yurick, the San Diego artist and educator behind MakingComics.com, a project that provides free comicbook-making materials...
July 7 2015
Matthew Mahoney's been putting in long hours as the San Diego Art Institute's artist-in-residence. The exotic fruits of his labor can be seen in two otherworldly sculptural installations on view in "What...


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