Oct. 24 2012
Backstage at San Francisco's Treasure Island Music Festival, Matthew Dear appears distracted
Sept. 24 2012
Hundreds of curious festivalgoers gathered to see Brazilian-born electronic artist Amon Tobin on a Friday night at Coachella this year. Fanatical buzz had been building all day, and they couldn't help...
Feb. 9 2011
“Kel,” I asked my roommate recently, “do you think gay men have more sex than straight women?” “Yes, definitely,” she responded. “But I also don't think I'm like...
Oct. 13 2010
Michael Cooper and Bryan Stratman, the two guys behind indie-electro band Hyena, have a relatively effortless working relationship. “We're almost a year into this thing, and I still don't want to...
Oct. 6 2010
Jane LuiGoodnight Company(self-released)8.5Goes well with: Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Broadway stage productions Taking a distinctive turn from the direction of her last album, 2007's quietly seductive Barkentine,...
April 6 2010
From coast to coast, Hüsker Dü frontman and friends throw a dance party for the bears and beyond
Sept. 2 2008
Lady Dottie is changing her Monday night, The Turf Club is ch-ch-changing and a bit more from gossip and reports from the local nightlife scene
June 17 2008
San Diego might not be a Mecca, but it's certainly got its share of design devotees
Dec. 18 2007
We care about clubs
Dec. 11 2007
Imperial Teen is alive and well after a prolonged absence
Dec. 4 2007
This is where your booty should be
Nov. 27 2007
Who needs three women when you have one Sharon Jones?
Nov. 13 2007
Let us tell you where to go
Oct. 30 2007
Architecture in Helsinki has no plan, which is their plan
Oct. 30 2007
We're here to lead
Oct. 16 2007
This week in clubs
Oct. 3 2007
Fans of Buffy keep the fire going
Sept. 17 2007
CityBeat be clubbin': What to do this week
Sept. 1 2007
San Diego has a nightlife, you just have to know where to look
Aug. 22 2007
When all you want to do is dance, this is what you need to read


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