Oct. 19 2016
Nothing plays worse in San Diegans’ minds, Spin has found, than reminders of their city’s reputation for small-mindedness
Oct. 5 2016
At Monday’s jam-packed No on Measure C press conference, barely a harsh word was uttered about the elephant not in the room
Sept. 28 2016
The county Democratic Party has endorsed Measure D, which would raise the so-called transient occupancy tax to 15.5 percent from 10.5 percent and create pathways for future decisions about expanded convention-center...
Sept. 21 2016
It seems like only yesterday that termed-out San Diego City Councilman Todd Gloria, close to punching his ticket for new adventures in Sacramento, was basking in the glow after voters in June overwhelmingly...
Sept. 13 2016
Last Thursday, commissioners convened again to choose between two visions proposed for the 57 acres that comprise the eastern portion of Harbor Island and the emptying car-rental property across from Lindbergh...
Sept. 7 2016
Everybody thinks it’s way past time for this mayor to get off the crapper and finally weigh in on The Monumental Measures of the Millienium
Aug. 30 2016
When it comes to big-ticket-item decision-making, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer rewrote the book on indecisiveness, decorating the practice with glittery baubles of alleged earnestness, attention to...
Aug. 24 2016
When news broke last week that the four-year nuclear war between activist attorney Cory Briggs and the Tourism Marketing District over the agency’s funding method was headed for a fizzling conclusion,...
Aug. 17 2016
The national press in recent weeks has heaped praise on a program in Albuquerque, New Mexico, started by its Republican mayor a year ago, that gives homeless panhandlers day jobs to help beautify the city
Aug. 9 2016
Gauging by coverage from local mainstream media, it appeared that local law enforcement last week ripped back the curtain of uncertainty by vowing to make public the footage from body cameras captured...
Aug. 3 2016
At the press conference, Sanders alluded to concerns that remain about the initiative. “No ballot is ever perfect,” he said, adding that “considerations” the team should address...
July 27 2016
In California, vote swapping is a serious crime, punishable under the state Penal Code by a prison term of two to four years and fines of $2,000 to $10,000
July 20 2016
The San Diego Chargers brain trust took its pitch for an East Village stadium into the heart of Barrio Logan last week, and Brent Beltrán did something unusual for him—he stayed silent
July 13 2016
While Major League Baseball’s power elite belted soft pitches out of Petco Park Monday night during the pre-All-Star-Game’s Home Run Derby, the San Diego City Council was ensconced in its own...
July 6 2016
Ladies and germs, we’ve jumped forward to the past, to a land once thought abandoned after the previous mayor, otherwise odoriferous, did one thing right and rid the Plaza de Panama of parking
June 29 2016
Last Thursday, DeMaio jumped headfirst into the local stadium debate with a proposal by a little-known Newport Beach realty firm to build a multi-use stadium in one of three locations with only private...
June 22 2016
Last week, the port hosted a two-day open house in a cramped, stuffy, top-floor suite at the San Diego Convention Center so the public could peruse the plans, grill proponents about the details and fill...
June 15 2016
With a few exceptions, last week’s primary election was as thrilling as watching a frozen turkey thaw
June 1 2016
You might have heard that a certain golden-haired, thumb-pumping narcissist of a presidential candidate dropped by our fair city last Friday to much pomp, circumstance, fervor and a soupcon of tear gas...
May 25 2016
If San Diego wants weird, let’s go for it. Send Faulconer to a presidential general, where he’s never gone before. Get the city council to settle the tourist-tax conundrum, with or without...


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