May 25 2016
If San Diego wants weird, let’s go for it. Send Faulconer to a presidential general, where he’s never gone before. Get the city council to settle the tourist-tax conundrum, with or without...
May 18 2016
It’s down-the-stretch time for local political candidates, and you know what that means: overstuffed postal repositories with a side order of broadcast blather, please!
May 10 2016
The spray from the historic Broadway Fountain in the newly renovated Horton Plaza Park never felt better—particularly after spending an hour in the solar oven of an amphitheater just to the south
May 3 2016
Mention TMD to any plugged-in policy wonk in town, and the most likely response will be, "Yeah, what about the Tourism Marketing District?"
April 27 2016
It had been a while—four score and seven years ago, perhaps— since Spin Cycle had paid a visit to “The Rock,” the not-so-flattering nickname given the World War II-era box of a...
April 20 2016
Last month, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s re-election campaign guru took to the digital airwaves to proclaim the importance of incumbents defending their record against challengers in public...
April 13 2016
As Spin Cycle types away Tuesday morning, activist attorney and Citizens Plan author Cory Briggs is holding court with reporters to detail the latest municipal slam into an immovable object, which he has...
April 6 2016
It took squeaky new Padres skipper Andy Green one game to figure out his honeymoon was over. By contrast, Mayor Kevin Faulconer—764 days into occupying the city’s top political catbird seat—still...
March 30 2016
The scheduling requests to meet with state Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez have grown considerably since her recent appointment as head of the Assembly’s mega-powerful Appropriations Committee
March 23 2016
Bruce Lightner, the 67-yearold husband of 43 years to the termed-out San Diego City Council President Sherri Lightner, pulls out a tiny, folded-up sticky note and takes a quick glance at it. No talking...
March 16 2016
Interesting six-degrees-of-separation factoid about late-entry San Diego mayoral candidate Ed Harris and his Oscar-nominated namesake: Harris, the actor, portrayed Virgil “Bud” Brigman in the...
March 9 2016
Only two short months ago, Mayor Kevin Faulconer proudly hopped aboard the Marco Rubio train to the White House, becoming one of seven co-chairs for the Florida senator’s presidential campaign in...
March 2 2016
In the 1982 movie My Favorite Year, the late Peter O’Toole— portraying the frequently soused, swashbuckling matinee idol Allan Swann—confides to an admirer, “Dying is easy, comedy...
spin 022416
Feb. 24 2016
Spin Cycle recently sought refuge from the political chicanery of our time by soaking in the regular humanity that converges daily in Balboa Park’s Plaza de Panama
Feb. 17 2016
A local congressman blows e-cigarette smoke into a colleague’s face during a hearing. Mayor Kevin Faulconer waves the white flag when his administration is called out for banning the term “Founding...
Feb. 10 2016
As folks filed out of the first “friend-raiser” on Saturday in support of her uphill battle to unseat incumbent San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, former state Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña...
Feb. 3 2016
Yep, it would seem pathetic if not true, but the Boltin’ Bolts of L.A. Dream$ have landed back in their old haunts, at least for the 2016 season
Jan. 27 2016
Is the solution to San Diego’s many problems a new logo? Not likely. But that hasn’t stopped city leaders from embarking on a new visual path, one that will relegate the city seal back to its...
Jan. 20 2016
San Diego City Councilmember David Alvarez quietly chuckled when asked about The Tempest in a Tweetstorm. Was the District 8 rep prepping for a rematch with the Blonde Lozenge, aka incumbent Mayor Kevin...
Jan. 13 2016
Some members of the media received complimentary bottles of local craft beer from Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s office last week. On the bottle, as displayed on social media, the mayor’s PR minions...


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