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March 23 2015
Perhaps you've heard of the group Women on 20s, which is seeking to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with a notable American female
March 9 2015
In other words, I will never again utter the words "God bless you" after somebody sneezes. And I don't care who it is: my mother, my boss, my parole officer
Feb. 23 2015
Apologies for addressing this issue belatedly, but it only recently became known to me. Apparently, a little more than a year ago-quite silently and with minimal brouhaha-Webster's Dictionary (an
Feb. 10 2015
Dear Sordid Tales: I am a male in my late 20s who was recently jilted after a six-year engagement. Now that I'm single again, I'm not interested in anything serious. However, I'm not interested in being...
Jan. 26 2015
Some of you may have read my last column, about how, on a flight to upstate New York for the holidays, I found myself on board a three-baby plane. That was a horror-show, to be sure, but what happened...
Jan. 12 2015
Now, it should be known, for the record, that I don't dislike children. Not only are they cute and cuddly; they also make great fishing bobbers
Dec. 29 2014
The year 2014 was a banner one for LGBT rights (also known as "The War on Humanity"): Twelve states legalized gay marriage, and I would just like to say, "Well done, 2014. Your work here is done."
Dec. 15 2014
Warning: This column is a spoiler for those who haven't seen Season 5 of The Walking Dead
Dec. 1 2014
I heard it again. It was during that show The Talk, when one of the guests-some actor I'd never heard of-was talking about frivolous lawsuits and mentioned the famous 1994 McDonald's hot-coffee case
Nov. 17 2014
For those who don't know, the Irish Exit-also known as The French Leave, The English Goodbye, The Irish Goodbye and ghosting-refers to a departure from a party, a bar or some other gathering without announcement.
Oct. 20 2014
Now that the Chargers have excised the tumor that was Coach Norv Turner and are back to kicking most excellent ass, it's time to address another pressing issue concerning this team.
Oct. 6 2014
On Sept 28, Gov. Jerry Brown passed a bill requiring colleges and universities to apply an "affirmative consent" standard in the investigations and tribunals of campus-related sexual assaults
sordid 9-24-14
Sept. 22 2014
Just Google "letter to my younger self" (LTMYS), and it'll return about a gazillion hits. Some are celebrity letters. Other letters are from regular Joes. There are tons of YouTube messages, magazine features...
sordid 9-10-14
Sept. 8 2014
An Aug. 28 U-T San Diego story reports that the California Board of Equalization is updating the tax code to ensure that sales taxes will be collected on "mandatory tips."
sordid 8-27-14
Aug. 25 2014
Now, I'm not the role-playing type. The only role I have ever played in a romantic relationship is my signature "Honey I'm busy, can you make this quick" character that pretty much destroyed my marriage
sordid 8-13-14
Aug. 11 2014
If you're 50 or older, the American Cancer Society advises you to make an appointment to have a camera shoved up your ass via 5-foot tube so that a team of physicians can thoroughly examine that private,...
sordid 7-9-14
July 7 2014
The issue at hand is complicated and tedious, so let me summarize in a way that everyone, including me, can understand. Basically, Satan and his conglomerate minions want to cornhole the little people...
June 23 2014
To salvage SeaWorld's public image, which was recently mauled by the documentary Blackfish, the theme park's spokespeople have been vigorously reminding us that, foremost, they are zoologists
June 9 2014
The first three on the list of "terrible' synonyms for vagina are, unsurprisingly, cooter, snatch and pussy, which-in the right context-are perfectly reasonable terms but, OK, I understand...
sordid 5-28-14
May 27 2014
For those who don't know, the Mount Soledad Memorial Association (MSMA) petitioned SCOTUS in March, hoping to overturn the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the gigantic, sacred torture device is...


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