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Feb. 6 2013
I must admit, Im fascinated by the topic of lip synching. Ive truly enjoyed watching and listening to all the talking heads bicker about whether Barack Obama knew that Beyoncé was using a backing...
Jan. 22 2013
It was on a busy Saturday night, in a bar on Garnet Avenue, when I unknowingly stooled up beside a horny, drunken Pacific Beach baboon
Jan. 8 2013
As a fence-sitting political independent, Ive taken a lot of grief over the years from my mostly Democratic friends who say its a copout to avoid picking a side.
Dec. 26 2012
It occurred to me recently that Bill OReilly, Sean Hannity et al. are right. There actually is a war on Christmas, only its not being waged by secular progressives, as they claim.
Dec. 10 2012
As a child, I was always fascinated by some of the mysterious and often archaic lyrics of traditional Christmas songs. For instance, what the criminy is a bobtail in Jingle Bells?
Nov. 27 2012
On Oct. 3, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council was on Mike Huckabees radio show dropping some homophobic horseshit about how gays will never have a sense of self-fulfillment in their lives because...
Nov. 14 2012
Ahem. Sorry, my throat is a little scratchy from all the cheerin' and a-yellin' I did on election night. Allow me to clear it again. Ahem
Oct. 29 2012
As a married man who lives vicariously through the sexual exploits of his single friends, I am growing continually dissatisfied with the baseball metaphor as being the standard for when your buddy shares...
Oct. 17 2012
This year, the Massachusetts Death with Dignity Initiative, also known as Question 2, will appear on the states general-election ballot
Oct. 3 2012
I issue a fatwa and call on the Muslim youth in America and Europe to kill everyone [involved with] the film, said an Egyptian cleric about The Innocence of Muslims
Sept. 17 2012
Lounging at a cocktail table with the gang, my friend V. was griping about her significant other. For some reason, the guy wouldnt stop doing this thing that was pissing her off and acted surprised every...
Sept. 5 2012
Its not that conservatives no longer trust science. They just dont subscribe to the science that the rest of us call science.
Aug. 22 2012
Top 10 most controversial columns (and some hate mail)
Aug. 8 2012
After many years of wanting to attend, but never getting around to it, I finally witnessed the San Diego Gay Pride Festival and Parade
July 25 2012
I was sitting at the bar at The Tilted Stick, watching the muted television with my friend Jim, when an infomercial for Cenegenics came on.
July 11 2012
My last column got me in a bit of trouble because of a controversial word that begins with the letter N and ends with the letter R you out of your everloving mind, white boy?
June 27 2012
Reasonable minds can disagree about whether its socially acceptable for people, Caucasians especially, to use the N-word. And while there are sound arguments to be made on both sides, my arguments are...
June 13 2012
Mayor Michael Bloomberg is rightfully concerned about the toll obesity is taking on society and has decided to do something about it. And I gotta tell ya, Im so freaking happy that Ive been farting multicolored...
May 30 2012
Prayercasting, also known as strategic intercession, is my new favorite religious concept at which to laugh. Unlike traditional prayer (you know, kneeling bedside with folded hands asking God, in a creepy,...
May 16 2012
For those who dont know, last Sunday, my wife produced the Ed Decker 50th Birthday Roast held at Winstons Beach Club. It was great, and, by great, I mean the way being shackled to the Judas Chair for a...