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Oct. 3 2012
"I issue a fatwa and call on the Muslim youth in America and Europe to kill everyone [involved with] the film," said an Egyptian cleric about The Innocence of Muslims
Sept. 17 2012
Lounging at a cocktail table with the gang, my friend V. was griping about her significant other. For some reason, the guy wouldn't stop doing this thing that was pissing her off and acted surprised every...
Sept. 5 2012
It's not that conservatives no longer trust science. They just don't subscribe to the science that the rest of us call "science."
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Aug. 22 2012
Top 10 most controversial columns (and some hate mail)
Aug. 8 2012
After many years of wanting to attend, but never getting around to it, I finally witnessed the San Diego Gay Pride Festival and Parade
July 25 2012
I was sitting at the bar at The Tilted Stick, watching the muted television with my friend Jim, when an infomercial for Cenegenics came on.
July 11 2012
My last column got me in a bit of trouble because of a controversial word that begins with the letter "N" and ends with the letter "R you out of your everloving mind, white boy?"
June 27 2012
Reasonable minds can disagree about whether it's socially acceptable for people, Caucasians especially, to use the N-word. And while there are sound arguments to be made on both sides, my arguments are...
June 13 2012
Mayor Michael Bloomberg is rightfully concerned about the toll obesity is taking on society and has decided to do something about it. And I gotta tell ya, I'm so freaking happy that I've been farting multicolored...
May 30 2012
Prayercasting, also known as "strategic intercession," is my new favorite religious concept at which to laugh. Unlike traditional prayer (you know, kneeling bedside with folded hands asking God, in a creepy,...
May 16 2012
For those who don't know, last Sunday, my wife produced the Ed Decker 50th Birthday Roast held at Winstons Beach Club. It was great, and, by "great," I mean the way being shackled to the Judas Chair for...
May 2 2012
Oh, yes, I'm amused by Ted Nugent-The Noodge, as I like to call him-for having saltpeter in his pecker and gunpowder where his brain should be, but not nearly as amused as I am by the professional overreactionistas
April 18 2012
The phrase "America, love it or leave it" is what's known as a false dilemma because it supposes only two options when actually they are bottomless
April 4 2012
Acute Server burnout is a disorder from which it is difficult to recover, especially in the final stages—when you hate the bar and the bands, the funbuzzes become more murky and stygian and your...
March 21 2012
Code Red is an ingenious little tool that warns you when your wife or girlfriend—or any cohabitating female for that matter—is about to have her period
March 6 2012
So, while this issue of CityBeat is devoted to all the excellent original bands of San Diego (CityBeat staffers are notorious OMSs), I tip my hat to the red-headed stepchildren of the scene, and will...
Feb. 22 2012
It's been two weeks since my beloved New York Giants took Super Bowl XLVI, and still the pernicious missives from my Giants-Hating Chargers-fan friends keep rolling in
Feb. 8 2012
I'm like Rachel in the movie The Ring. Whenever the phone rings, my heart stops for fear the caller might be a little girl with wet, black hair who will want to talk about band camp for an hour. This...
Jan. 25 2012
Whether you believe newborn babies are miraculous gifts from God or subterranean alien vampire-rats bent on draining your life force, can we at least agree that songs about babies tend to suck rusty...
Jan. 11 2012
How is it possible that all the over-reactionistas and followers of The John Lennon Church of Latter Day Music Snobs don't recognize that redesigning old songs is an exciting and unpredictable part of...


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