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Oct. 19 2011
I always get a big yuck out of these mainstream-religion types who scoff at fringe religions as being preposterous, which is like junkies scoffing at tweakers for being addicted to a more damaging drug
Oct. 5 2011
While I received a lot of support from members of the LGBT community, a lot more sent very angry, accusatory missives, all of which boiled down to one or all of the following questions 1. Is Ed Decker...
Sept. 21 2011
When the light turned green, he revved up and peeled out, leaving me in a poisonous cloud of noise pollution, hate pollution and pollution pollution. And what I thought as I stared at the back of...
Sept. 7 2011
You know I know that the Chinese family-planning policy is barbaric. I would never support a law that limits our right to reproduce; however—isn't it time our government stops promoting reproduction?
Aug. 23 2011
So, this week's column is about the fatwa-like death threat against David Letterman for sayi—waaait a minute! What the hell is that!? At the top left of this column? Is that my picture up there?
Aug. 3 2011
The “main mission” of any true drinking excursion isn't “conversation.” The main mission is drinking. All that other stuff—talking about problems, exploring philosophical...
July 19 2011
Imagine my delight when I read this July 7 headline on the Orlando Sentinel website: “Lightning strike at Caylee memorial ‘could be a sign from the angels.'”
July 6 2011
I love the Fourth of July. I am totally down with celebrating our country's independence from British imperialism. The only thing I can't stand about it is the excessive playing of patriotic music
June 20 2011
There's a lot of this going around. A lot of these scandalistas like to compare Congressmember Anthony Weiner's debacle to other famous political sex scandals, to determine what should become of him
June 7 2011
I don't know why I'm so depressed about this. I've lost bartending jobs before. However, this time, something's different
May 25 2011
Why the rush to canonize? Probably because any discussion of Deucey's potential sainthood must include the fact that it's his fault that God's Church became such an enormous smoking and sparking engine...
April 12 2011
Not that there's anything wrong with heavy Japanbience, I just like that at Sapporo, there's a good chance you won't get a dirty look if you ask for a fork instead of using the chopsticks
March 29 2011
Aside from writing this filthy little column, one of my many side jobs is as an event coordinator for an outdoor music and arts festival called San Diego IndieFest (SDIF)
March 2 2011
Having bartended live-music clubs in San Diego for the last 25 years, I can say that this city is home to some of the best bands in the country. Unfortunately, there's never been quite enough of a fan...
Feb. 16 2011
Some of you may remember a recent Sordid Tale about an encounter that occurred outside my favorite neighborhood slaughtering hole, The Tilted Stick, during which a guy named Scotty and several of his friends...
Feb. 2 2011
I received an e-mail recently from my friend Andrew, the bar manager of the Viejas DreamCatcher, who told me about a little incident at Cabo Cantina in Pacific Beach. He said he wasn't allowed inside because...
Jan. 19 2011
“The 20-year legal fight over the cross on Mount Soledad took another turn Tuesday when a federal appeals court ruled the towering landmark [is] unconstitutional....” —San Diego Union-Tribune,...
Jan. 5 2011
One of the advantages being a childless uncle is that you get to enjoy, in significantly smaller doses, of course, some of the experiences of parenting. Most are fabtacular, such as watching kids tear...
Dec. 22 2010
Thanks to a spate of failed ACLU lawsuits, Bill O'Reilly and his ilk are claiming they have “won the war on Christmas.” However, what O'Reilly and friends don't know is that a military alliance...
Dec. 8 2010
As the date for my yearly holiday flight to New York approaches, I've been wondering: By which method will I choose to have my privates persecuted? Will I elect to be fondled by a highly trained genitalia...


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