Sept. 29 2009
In San Diego politics, the frame of the game stays the same
June 23 2009
City may have passed a pain-free budget, but it has a bigger hole in it than Henry's bucket
Dec. 9 2008
A eulogy for departed City Attorney Mike Aguirre
Oct. 14 2008
Why would anyone want to be a member of the San Diego City Council?
Sept. 2 2008
You can't fight City Hall—but you can fight retro plans to build a new one
May 27 2008
Elections in odd-numbered council districts and an odd trio challenging an odd city attorney make for odd times
March 18 2008
Even small wars cost a lot to raise these days
Feb. 5 2008
Our neighbor's house is on fire--and no one seems to give a damn
Dec. 25 2007
From financial woes to flaming fires, plagues of problems bedeviled San Diego in 2007, but we muddled on
Nov. 27 2007
Can the city attorney survive the autumn of his discontent?
Sept. 28 2007
The political storm following Jerry Sanders flip flop on gay marriage
Sept. 10 2007
Donna Frye's hardened philosophy is sometimes at odds with good government
July 25 2007
The saga may be sinking on the horizon, but so, too, may be jerry Sanders' political future
June 27 2007
The Diocese's other victims
May 2 2007
Spoiler alert: Clinton has this thing sewn up
April 4 2007
The downtown crowd has the city attorney surrounded
March 28 2007
Two strikes and you're out: Salary impasses signal the demise of the American middle class
Feb. 14 2007
John Moores and Doug Manchester are rubbing each other the wrong way
Jan. 31 2007
The gloves come off


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