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Aug. 26 2015
When film critic Glenn Heath Jr. gave us the head’s up that he’d reeled in an interview with rising-star filmmaker Noah Baumbach, we decided a cover was in order
Aug. 24 2015
In an ongoing attempt to salvage the official Balboa Park Centennial Celebration, the city's being cool about inviting artists into the park to let them do their thing
Aug. 12 2015
Photographer Michael Heranawho goes by the pseudonym Mikesumoto is known for going to great heights to get shots. Literally.
July 22 2015
CityBeat had to stop traffic to get this weeks cover shot by Jeff Turbo Corrigan. And believe it or not, the artists and activists pictured on the cover arent the only folks behind the ongoing...
July 15 2015
Ari Zelkind (right, pictured with writer Jennifer Coburn and photographer Jeff Turbo Corrigan) displayed maturity beyond his 14 years of age during a photo shoot for our cover story on Zelkinds transition...
July 8 2015
Upload the photos to either Instagram or Twitter with the #sdccbingo hashtag and youll be entered to win a $100 gift card from Karl Strauss Brewing Company
June 23 2015
Sometimes you don't want to walk into a bar and say, "I'll have what he's having." When the mood strikes, you want something different and unique
June 10 2015
Brittany Maynards decision to move from California to Oregon to take advantage of that states Death with Dignity law sparked national interest and created political movement in Californias state Senate
June 3 2015
Photographer Stacy Keck shot the Out Here brothers for this weeks cover feature on San Diegans who are doing exciting cultural things in Tijuana. Armed with her Canon 5D Mark II, the local shooter...
May 27 2015
New CityBeat art director Carolyn Ramos gets kudos for the cover two weeks in a row. She read Michael Gardiners feature story about how local restaurants are considering using flat...
May 20 2015
New CityBeat art director Carolyn Ramos created this weeks whimsical cover illustration
May 13 2015
Photographer Jeff Turbo Corrigan drew on his previous experience shooting sports to photograph this weeks cover of kickboxer Ashley Curry sparring at Undisputed North Park
May 6 2015
This weeks cover design features a collage of photos of legendary Tacoma garage rock band The Sonics, who formed more than 50 years ago, and just released their first album since the 1960s, This Is...
May 5 2015
For voracious readers: It's been a turbulent time in the journalism business. Newspapers closing, or slashing staff, has been the norm for the last decade or so
April 14 2015
Two women walk into a brew pub. They belly up to the bar and one says: "My friend will have an Arrogant Bastard, and I'll take a Night Rider."
March 31 2015
There's an A&E show that's been on for a couple of weeks called The Returned. Skip it. Instead, watch Les Revenants, the French TV show it's based on
March 17 2015
Every spring, more than 100 demo CDs, tapes and MP3 files pile up in CityBeat’s mailbox and email inbox as we prepare for that great annual tradition: The Great Demo Review
March 11 2015
San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is out of control. Her office filed charges against 15 San Diego men for conspiracy to commit various violent crimes even though theres no evidence that...
Feb. 25 2015
Two teams might be allowed to move to L.A.; three teams wont. At least one of these contestants will have to go home a loser. No offense, but were hoping its the Chargers
Feb. 11 2015
What is it all of a sudden with all these proposals for amusement-park rides in downtown San Diego?