May 23 2007
E-mail exchange reveals all is not well between the homeless and the authorities
May 9 2007
Drying out: Dying is hard enough, but living-damn!
May 2 2007
Two days of angst and the beauty of Obama
May 2 2007
You can't march to the White House in Birkenstocks
April 25 2007
Not my child: Are we really talking about drafting our children?
April 11 2007
People are people: But some of them are Yankees
March 28 2007
Finally, a sensible idea: There's every reason to charge people to park at the beach
March 14 2007
Those of you younger than 50 probably heard and probably paid no heed to the fact that Tom Eagleton died on March 4. Here's a brief biographical thumbnail
Feb. 28 2007
Calling Al: A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do
Feb. 14 2007
Stories from an odder-than-usual week
Jan. 31 2007
The erosion of meaning in the Age of Lunacy
Jan. 17 2007
The Chargers still have a lot of growing up to do
Jan. 10 2007
Things I'm learning in 2007
Dec. 27 2006
The year no one but Northeasterners engaged in metrosexuality
Dec. 20 2006
Fighting poverty during the holidays and all year long
Dec. 13 2006
San Diego Study Group readies recommendations for the mayor
Dec. 6 2006
If you're tired of the John Boltons of this world, do something about it
Nov. 29 2006
Kramer's gaffe
Nov. 22 2006
O.J., Rupert and abject assholery
Oct. 18 2006
Who's afraid of Kim Jong-Il?


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