Nov. 2 2011
San Diego County Public Defender Henry Coker has endorsed the county's top prosecutor, District attorney Bonnie Dumanis, in her bid for San Diego mayor. If that relationship makes you uneasy, you're...
Oct. 26 2011
As Goldsmith prepares to run unopposed for a second term, CityBeat is inspecting records from his first. We found that in the first months of his term, Goldsmith's staff provided legal counsel to the...
Oct. 26 2011
In recent weeks, California's four U.S. attorneys have launched a full-scale war on dispensaries in California. The attack is mostly legal in nature, starting with letters sent to dispensaries and property...
Oct. 19 2011
Can you find the 16 causes lost in the noise?
Oct. 12 2011
ACROSS2. ER actor who played Jobs in the TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley5. Scientist featured in the first Apple logo6. Jobs died from this kind of cancerDOWN1. Geek slang for a Jobs keynote speech3....
Oct. 12 2011
While inspecting lobbyist-activity records, CityBeat had learned that private attorneys retained by the Ethics Commission are also working as counsel for the southeastern Economic Development Corporation...
Oct. 5 2011
Can you match the dog to the elected official? Use your phone to snap a picture of the answer and email it to davem@sdcitybeat.com. First five win a prize
Oct. 5 2011
The windows to the outside world are about to shrink for prisoners in San Diego County under an upcoming change in jail mail policy
Sept. 28 2011
District attorney Bonnie Dumanis is supposedly running for mayor of San Diego, but we haven't seen her. She dodged the debate at voiceofsandiego.org's Politifest. She cancelled a talk at San Diego CityCollege...
Sept. 28 2011
An American Indian tribe in San Diego County has been engaged in a four-month standoff with a military contractor that refuses to leave its reservation, according to documents recently filed in U.S....
Sept. 20 2011
To date, Councilmember Tony Young's office has steered $30,000 to Praise Fest, including $10,000 in 2011. But the event poses a problem for the state Constitution, which prohibits the government from giving...
Sept. 14 2011
In honor of San Diego's great tradition of creatively costumed criminals, we present this mini-crossword puzzle.... Highlight below to see the answers: Answers: 5A. Spiderman 6A. Geezer 1D. Ronald Reagan...
Sept. 14 2011
What does Rep. Darrell Issa have in common with Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam? This is the sort of trivia buried in more than 250,000 U.S. State Department cables obtained by WikiLeaks...
Sept. 14 2011
The clip is on DeMaio's mayoral campaign YouTube channel, but it isn't a campaign ad. It's a promo for the KUSI television program, Solving the Pension Crisis: The Fight to Get on the Ballot, airing at...
Aug. 31 2011
Throughout the process, Patient X's anonymity has the potential to be compromised. He's leaving a trail of sensitive data: medical information and evidence that he procured a drug that's still illegal...
Aug. 17 2011
If elected to Congress, John Stahl would push to create a “Committee on Redundancy, Waste and Duplication.” From the military to Medicare, the conservative from Del Mar sees millions, perhaps...
Aug. 10 2011
The Pacific Beach author of the MGM Bill, a proposal that would ban “male genital mutilation” (aka circumcision), was facing an uphill battle for credibility in a political system that didn't...
There are two propositions regarding the death penalty on the November ballot. Proposition 62 would repeal capital punishment (retroactively, as well), and replace it with life in prison without the possibility...


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