April 27 2011
The first time I approached Nguyen, he was protesting on the cramped island of sidewalk across from the convention center in the middle of San Diego Comic-Con. Surrounded by zombies, geeks and handbillers,...
April 18 2011
Zany-Zane talks 10 miles a minute. With eyes turned away, the 31-year-old rapper answers questions in manic circles, spinning off on flashes of thought and winding back to repeat his original point
April 13 2011
Movers and shakers are also chewers and swallowers. Whatever the community, its leaders have to eat, and your best chance to get a word in might be when their mouths are full
April 13 2011
It's no coincidence that the word “diet” both describes the way a person eats and a legislative assembly, such as the Diet of Japan
pesticide poisoning
April 6 2011
The community voiced a number of worries about the design of the project, specifically regarding the impact of traffic. What they didn't foresee was the danger of building on land steeped in pesticides
March 30 2011
As Congressmember Bob Filner prepares for the next leg of his political career, a potential run for San Diego mayor, we thought it time to tie off one of the loose ends of his last campaign
March 30 2011
In 1996, San Diego Police Detective Rick Carlson broke the case of serial killer Ramon Rogers when he discovered a female victim's teeth, jaw bone and 10 fingers in a bloody, yellow bucket in a storage...
March 23 2011
Allow us to introduce you to an agency that continues to tax and spend even though its leaders admit it has outlived its original purpose: The San Diego Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies
March 9 2011
These days, it seems everyone in San Diego wants to claim the “Watchdog” title. But, the fact of the matter is that emerging digital technologies and public resources mean that everyone can...
March 2 2011
It's not as if California's gimps, leather daddies and dominatrices are going to march on the state Capitol, but the kink and fetish lobby will send a letter to Sen. Christine Kehoe
Feb. 23 2011
Last week, we launched version 2.0 of our blog—click here to check it out and click here to subscribe to the RSS feed. In the meantime, here are the breaking stories you might've missed
Feb. 16 2011
A quarter of a century ago, the Beastie Boys instructed a generation of rebels to fight for the right to party. Back then, that meant arguing with your Ma over cigarettes, long hair and your best porno...
Feb. 16 2011
The drive between San Diego and Sacramento is 504 miles, or eight hours and 21 minutes—excluding traffic congestion, Google Maps says—but the disconnect between our citizens and our legislators...
Feb. 9 2011
You can't miss Dr. Joel Kaplan's office in Ocean Beach. The windows scream, in capitalized blue and white letters, phrases like "MALE ENHANCEMENT" and "MEN'S HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS & PRODUCTS." He gets...
Feb. 9 2011
Let's say you're on a mission to better educate yourself on the candidates in the 2012 San Diego mayor's race. You might start by searching Google for information on City Councilmember Carl DeMaio, a Republican...
Feb. 2 2011
Medical-marijuana advocates are aiming to pull a Walmart. That is, they want to collect enough signatures to avoid what they describe as a de facto ban. When the San Diego City Council passed an ordinance...
Feb. 2 2011
The 112th Congress has been in session for about a month. Here's what our local representatives have done (or not done) so far, in order of number of bills authored. Bob Filner, Democrat, District 51 Bills...
Jan. 26 2011
Sometimes Anita Fisher's phone rings and at the other end of the line is a desperate parent whose mentally ill son or daughter has disappeared. Fisher tells them to visit the San Diego County Sheriff 's...
Jan. 26 2011
Crosshairs on maps. Tea bags swinging from three-pointed hats. If you're a liberal, suddenly the word “liberty” feels less like freedom and more like a warning to run before a Tea Partier throws...
Jan. 19 2011
Perhaps the question I'm most frequently asked as a writer and researcher on medical-marijuana issues is: What strain is good for what. I have headaches. Is there pot for that? I have joint pain, back...


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