July 28 2014
I know, I've talked about this a dozen times in this column, but for those of you just tuning in: Last year, I bought a Playstation 4 after Ubisoft entranced me with the preview of its hacker video game, Watch...
July 28 2014
YLC identified dozens upon dozens of cases of improper use of pepper spray. Probation staff sprayed youth at risk of suicide; youth who simply were disobedient; youth with respiratory, cardiovascular and...
July 7 2014
From Ghanaian witchcraft to scary clowns, cybercrime is as weird as anything in the real world
June 16 2014
Last summer, at San Diego Comic-Con, I was exposed to the preview of a video game called Watch Dogs, an open-world adventure where you play a gray-hat hacker with Chicago's entire technological...
June 4 2014
The San Diego County Grand Jury is a body of 19 citizens tasked with investigating public complaints about government and inspecting the county's correctional facilities. But its latest report on the local...
Roy Allmond
May 27 2014
The impact of campaign donations remains a hot issue, but this cycle, two candidates are exploring novel ways of leveraging money in their favor
Spoiler Alert
May 5 2014
Spoiler alert: Do not read this if you haven't watched every television series since the 1939 New York World's Fair.
bar joke WEB
April 14 2014
Here are a few tips for tech companies (whether you're a brand-new startup a migrating giant) to live in harmony with San Diego
fake buzzfeed
March 24 2014
Buzzfeed's "Which [character / celebrity / inanimate object] Are You?" online quizzes-oh, these just suck. It used to be that with a quiz like this, there'd be some-well, not scientific, but at least logical...
3-4 nolife
March 3 2014
Last October, Fox 5 San Diego began covering the "Twitter War," as they dubbed the slapstick back-and-forth between supporters of the various candidates for mayor.
spam for web
Feb. 10 2014
These days, the XXX spam has dropped off significantly, and I can't tell whether that's because of the chilling effect of powerful email filters or if their big-data analytic systems have somehow discovered...
kenway in havana
Jan. 20 2014
Set in the West Indies during the first quarter of the 18th century, Black Flag is hooks-down one of the most exciting works in the history of the age-of-pirates genre, up there with Robert Louis...
crossword final
Dec. 31 2013
For readers obsessively following along, here's our annual roundup crossword puzzle to test your current-events knowledge.
twerk fail
Dec. 31 2013
These are what I noted as the biggest fails on the Internet this year, defined as major backfires or anything just totally lame that primarily occurred online
Dec. 11 2013
The San Diego County Sheriff's Department has reached a $225,000 settlement agreement with the family of Tommy Tucker, a schizophrenic inmate who was killed by a swarm of San Diego Central Jail guards...
Dec. 9 2013
I have a horrible habit of waiting until the last minute to order gifts online and, as a result, I have to chunk out more change for quick shipping. Unsurprisingly, the same goes for this column, which...
red kreep
Dec. 4 2013
Judge Kreep's involvement in the political groups raises major questions under the California Code of Judicial Ethics, which prohibits judges and judicial candidates from leading partisan political organizations
Nov. 11 2013
Under California's Online Privacy Protection Act, a commercial website that collects identifiable personal data from California residents must publish a privacy policy addressing the types of information...
Oct. 28 2013
I pre-ordered a PS4 in early September. To be more specific, I ordered a Sony Playstation 4 bundle, with two controllers, a camera and a particular game-Watch Dogs
Oct. 7 2013
Today, I can barely make it through a dog-walk without something in my iPhone podcast queue.


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