Dec. 5 2012
Let's say you're a citizen journalist who wakes up one morning to an alert from Google that, due to purported copyright infringement, it has removed one of your blog posts about a student in Scotland who'd...
Dec. 5 2012
The new mayor's brain is a labyrinth! (But with less David Bowie and more focus on neighborhoods).
Dec. 3 2012
Not too long ago, I saw a local journalist on Twitter defend U-T San Diego's new pay wall with the following argument: Plumbers get paid for their work, so should reporters. Now, don't get...
Nov. 28 2012
Flashlights, double-cotton-crotch underwear and pavement markings all won bids from San Diego County
Nov. 28 2012
If there's one lesson we learned from Nate Silver and the 2012 election, it's that math rules. For all the pundits and PACs, Silver's numbers were 100-percent accurate in predicting the electoral breakdown
Nov. 21 2012
Can you tell the difference between a chevron and a Fu-Manchu?
Nov. 14 2012
Six local politicians are hidden in the crossword puzzle.
Nov. 14 2012
The first meetings of the city of San Diego's Human Relations Commission were disrupted by a breakdown in relations among humans. At the center of the conflict was one particular human: Gary G. Kreep,...
Nov. 7 2012
Hundreds of submissions didn't make the cut for this year's Fiction 101 competition. One of them came with a recognizable byline: Jason Mraz
Nov. 7 2012
How much do you know about the Leathernecks?
Nov. 5 2012
A ToorCon badge isn't just laminated card-stock on a lanyard. It's designed with the intent that a hacker will screw with it until it releases some unforeseen potential
Oct. 31 2012
Musicians know stuff about politics too!
Oct. 24 2012
Cardboard ballot boxes, sandals, and cargo vans are among the winning bids
Oct. 17 2012
San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio's office is responsible for a slew of complaints filed against CityBeat vendor boxes this year
Oct. 17 2012
What year did Isaac Newton predict that end times would begin?
Oct. 16 2012
This end-of-the-world exercise isn't easy for me because, if it really were doomsday, I'd probably be covering it up to the last minute, trying to track down who's responsible, who's profiting from it...
Oct. 10 2012
Criminal defendants who are too poor to hire their own defense attorneys will have to pay $50 for public-defender representation under an ordinance approved unanimously by the San Diego County Board...
Oct. 10 2012
Find the FDA's recalled foods in our word search.
Oct. 8 2012
Web years are like dog years. That's to say, the technological distance between 2004 and 2012 might as well be a century.
Oct. 3 2012
Billy Culbertson had just finished a long, overnight shift at the emergency room. The trauma nurse parked his car in his assigned spot at an Escondido apartment complex. The next time Culbertson saw...


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