June 20 2012
As the House debated several enormous appropriations bills, Bilbray, usually a reliably conservative soldier, cast more than two dozen votes against his party that seemed, for a lack of a better word,...
June 19 2012
Maybe everyone has a Guinness story, but before I tell you mine, let me define it in case aliens scorch the Earth and not a single keg is left for posterity. Guinness is a 4.1-percent Irish dry stout that's...
June 13 2012
Lest you bemoan San Diego's poor turnout on election night June 5, estimated somewhere between 27 and 37 percent, consider this: Only about 23 percent of the population of the United Kingdom watched the...
June 13 2012
With his REPAIR initiative (big breath: Repave and Eliminate Potholes through Accountability for Infrastructure Repairs), Carl DeMaio continues the great American tradition of legislating through...
June 6 2012
Can you find all Mitt Romney's potential running mates lurking in the shadows... er, word search?
May 30 2012
By Lincoln Club's logic, anything a candidate doesn't deny must be true by default. We'll give a prize to the most creative claim about Lincoln Club's City Council candidate, Scott Sherman, as determined...
May 23 2012
Britney Henry throws hammers. Mind you, these aren't your hardware-store, ball-peen or claw hammers. Henry throws the Olympic hammer, an ancient cousin of the sledgehammer, with a cannonball-like sphere...
May 23 2012 was launched in September as a separate website from the county's main hub, and costs more than what KPBS, Voice of San Diego and CityBeat paid for their sites combined
May 23 2012
How well do you know your American Idol, The Apprentice, and Amazing Race?
May 16 2012
Which bills are Garrick, Wyland, Jones, and Anderson pushing through this go-around?
May 9 2012
The committee behind the "Comprehensive Pension Reform" ballot measure (now known as Prop. B) spent nearly $1.16 million to collect 94,246 valid signatures. How about next time take all of us out for one...
May 8 2012
For Hansen's, the last 50 years in the surf-shop business has moved just like the water its boarders ride-in waves
May 8 2012
Orangutans in human care can live into their late 50s. Janey is as full of life as Betty White
May 6 2012
Guess the winning bids on these County of San Diego contracts
May 2 2012
CityBeat's gotten used to the silent treatment from politicians-but not from ones with whom we agree on nine out of every 10 positions
May 2 2012
Juvenile detention records obtained by CityBeat reveal some of the highest levels of pepper-spray usage in the country. In 2011, the East Mesa facility averaged more than five sprayings per week
April 25 2012
May 1 is International Workers' Day, also known as May Day. Show how much you know about local labor unions with this mini-crossword
April 25 2012
Coherent presentation of all the problems we have with Carl DeMaio's candidacy for mayor of San Diego cries out for an organizational theme. We've chosen the alphabet
April 18 2012
In addition to thinking he's God's gift to North County, San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn believes he can use a divining rod to find water-then spend $72,600 in public money to dig a well
April 18 2012
The City Attorney says an octogenarian citizen activist is playing us


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