April 18 2012
In addition to thinking he's God's gift to North County, San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn believes he can use a divining rod to find water-then spend $72,600 in public money to dig a well
April 18 2012
The City Attorney says an octogenarian citizen activist is playing us
April 11 2012
Kofi Annan's name is back in the news as the former United Nations secretary-general attempts to bring peace to Syria. But did you know that you might also be named Kofi?
April 11 2012
Step into Casa de Luz, a new vegan, macrobiotic, gluten-free restaurant in North Park, and you'll be confronted with a unique piece of campaign propaganda
April 4 2012
When it comes to selling food, simply saying your dish is delicious just doesn't cut the mustard. Everyone thinks their food is delicious. So, restaurateurs will tag on modifiers that sound impressive...
April 4 2012
Geraldo Rivera got us thinking: If the worst villains of our time really did wear hoodies, would that make them easier to spot? Can you identify these four hood-i-fied criminals who aren't Travyon Martin?
April 4 2012
It's not like you ever see anything but an A in a restaurant's window, anyway
March 28 2012
This week marks the home stretch of Major League Baseball spring training. Mark whether the following teams are Grapefruit League (Florida), Cactus League (Arizona) or not a baseball team at all
March 28 2012
A big congratulations to labor leader Lorena Gonzalez for being named "Woman of the Year," by state Assemblymember Ben Hueso for the 79th Assembly District! But did she actually deserve the honor?
3-28 news art-binders
March 28 2012
The binders, each about 4 inches thick, contained thousands of pages of pension-crisis material dating back to the late 1990s and as current as 2007
March 21 2012
As San Diego's craft-beer scene grows, so does the number of poseurs who love to name-drop obscure IPAs they've sampled. Can you separate the real regional India Pale Ales from the fake ones
March 21 2012
The first question we pose to Lorie Zapf is whether she harbors any hard feelings against us. "Oh yeah," the first-term San Diego City Council member says. "Totally."
March 15 2012
It's Sunshine Week, the time of year for pushing for open-government reform. It's also the first week under the daylight-savings switch.
March 14 2012
Within 15 minutes, the entire facility was thrust into chaos as 600 inmates, mostly African-Americans and Hispanics associated with the Surenos prison gang, bloodied each other. Suddenly, one of the...
March 7 2012
We'll miss Andrew Breitbart, just a little.Can you name the subject of his obsession in each of the following quotes? 1. After this politician's death, Breitbart dubbed him “a spec
Feb. 29 2012
Unlike her earlier work, Born, Not Raised is less photojournalism and more ethnography, using unconventional means to root out the problems and personalities in the San Diego juvenile-justice system
Feb. 29 2012
In the spirit of this week's education-related cover story, we present this math problem about Carl DeMaio, who's running for mayor of San Diego.
Feb. 29 2012
With the help of WikiLeaks, we're taking a trip across space and time
Feb. 29 2012
A new set of inspection reports from the county's Juvenile Justice Commission raises new questions about abuse, education and healthcare, and whether grievances are handled properly in the county's...
Feb. 22 2012
Next Wednesday is Feb. 29, a day that exists on the calendar only every four years. Can you match the historical leap-day event to the year in which it occurred? 1. The kerner Commission Report i


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