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Feb. 1 2013
If youre looking for a more relaxed atmosphere with no diminishment in quality of food, grab a casual lunch or dinner at Panca Peruvian Rotisserie in Oceanside
Jan. 18 2013
You dont need me to tell you that Fallbrook, way up in the northern reaches of the county, isnt exactly where the foodies flock.
Jan. 7 2013
Maybe the battle over the thermostat in our too-cold-for-me house has addled my brain, but I have been pondering the beauty of French onion soup lately. Is it the best soup ever?
Dec. 26 2012
Ive never been one of the cool kids. Maybe its the old lady trapped inside my sort-of-still-young body, but I like my hangouts mellow and friendly and far from the scene, whatever that is
Dec. 7 2012
I feel like Im on a perpetual search for a non-gourmet breakfast place that churns out food thats a bit more than mediocre. Thats not a high bar, and yet, somehow, my snooty standards are rarely met
Nov. 27 2012
When you eat out semi-professionally, you start to see the same things pop up on menus. Food can be as trendy as fashion, with popular ingredients and dishes (truffle oil, bacon, mac n cheese) going from...
Nov. 9 2012
Sometimes I demand perfection from a restaurant. I want the whole experience: groundbreaking flavors, flawless service and a creative atmosphere
Oct. 26 2012
Although I keep insisting that I should be appointed to the position of Naming Czar (for restaurants, other peoples children, hurricanes, etc.), no one has made it official
Oct. 16 2012
Im going to need a boost of protein to kick off the big, beautiful day I have planned, and since this whole crazy dance will be ending shortly, damn the sugar content!
Oct. 5 2012
Just when I think Ive hit every little nook and cranny worth trying on the Encinitas stretch of the Coast Highway, a really obvious Ive been waiting for you! contender pops onto my radar
Sept. 21 2012
Heres the thing about North County: Theres a lot of driving involved. Its spread out; suburban sprawl dominates the landscape east of Interstate 5, and when it comes to restaurants, it can take awhile...
Sept. 7 2012
With The Craftsman New American Tavern in Encinitas, Wade and Kristi Hageman have created a companion eatery to their popular Blue Ribbon Pizza
Aug. 27 2012
My Anglophilia started long ago. I fell in love with the hushed sadness on the pages of Remains of the Day. I went through a phase where my morning began with a milky cup of English Breakfast tea...
Aug. 13 2012
Ive heard a lot of mutterings, not many of them flattering, about the restaurant-in-a-car-dealership locale of Vintana Wine + Dine
July 30 2012
I’m annoyingly vocal about baked goods—persnickety, even—and I’m convinced that society is far too accepting of mediocrity when it comes to the other sweet science. It’s the...
July 16 2012
I craved a good ribeye one weekend, and the Stater Brothers meat department wasnt going to cut it. But making the pilgrimage down to Morena Boulevard to drool over the meat case at Siesels is far trickier...
July 2 2012
Whether its a gyro, kebab or shawarma, most people are familiar with seasoned meat, sliced from a spit, wrapped in pillowy flatbread and dressed up with a tangy yogurt sauce
June 18 2012
Stop trying to convince me that I like Mexican pastries. I accept that Im likely outnumbered when it comes to this countys passion for panaderías, but the appeal is lost on me
June 4 2012
I empathize with those who just cant shake that touch of former-hometown homesickness, especially when it comes to food. Philly natives? Theres a place in San Marcos just for you
May 21 2012
These days, it seems like every neck in the San DiegoCounty woods is adding a pizza place that could be called “legit.” Youcan’t turn the corner without tripping over someone’s...


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