June 28 2011
In City Heights, 777 Noodle House serves dishes from Vietnam and Thailand, and though those countries are quite a ways south from Japan, following your nose through the front doors of the noodle house...
June 20 2011
Pop-up restaurants are now a huge part of many of the larger markets around San Diego County. One of the stars feeding the masses is Annel & Drew's Kitchen
June 14 2011
Until the likes of Basic landed in our neck of the woods, did anyone know there was such a thing as New Haven-style pizza?
June 7 2011
I can't imagine Terra's loyal fans not following the fare just a bit farther east; the food is that good
June 1 2011
The decadent Mac & Cheese Risotto appetizer—a steaming and savory rice pudding— is a bowl of the most seductive porridge I've ever eaten
May 25 2011
Upon entering the modest dining room, you'll be greeted with a friendly “Namaste” by the brightly attired staff, complete with traditional Nepalese hat, or dhaka topi
May 17 2011
I realize that when people talk about “good barbecue,” the debate gets very passionate and sweaty and twangy. Some like tomato-based sauces, some like bases of vinegar and others want no...
May 11 2011
We've taken a few pages from the Choose Your Own Adventure books that inspired us as kids and present our stab at interactive fiction. Here's how it works: Start reading and whenever you're presented...
May 3 2011
Quality Social calls itself “A bar. With food,” which is a no-duh description, yet it somehow perfectly nails what it's doing
April 26 2011
Those Cohns, they can crank 'em out. Sure, they've managed to take one stupidly named restaurant and turn it into another stupidly named restaurant, but with BO-beau, they've given OBecians a quaint...
April 18 2011
When the hippest among us grow up and have babies, South Park is where they nest. Station epitomizes the neighborhood ethos, with a socially conscious attitude and respect for local history
April 13 2011
Temecula Olive Oil Company's focus on self-sufficiency represents a growing attitude of mindfulness among farmers towards waste product
April 4 2011
Café La Maze is a tiny outpost of Hollywood history. It wears the years well, beckoning customers in with a brightly lit old sign, promising both the class and the vices of a bygone era
March 29 2011
Isn't “Restaurant Row” an exciting marketing term? Specifically, “Old California Restaurant Row” in San Marcos? It brings to mind mission-style eateries with a patina of history
March 23 2011
Red Velvet is intimate; you enter through an unobtrusive side door that's part of a Little Italy high-rise. The waterfront-facing wall of windows is framed by flowing drapes of a Cabernet-colored material...
March 15 2011
What the hell is a gastropub? I mean, really, between restaurant, bistro, café, grill and eatery—just to name a few—there's no shortage of clever monikers for places that all do the...
March 9 2011
I generally drive through Rancho Santa Fe; I rarely stop. It's certainly a lovely place, but like the majority of San Diegans, I'm in neither the age nor income bracket of people who generally chill...
Feb. 28 2011
One of my favorite things about being a restaurant reviewer, besides exploring different flavors, food philosophies and kitchen creativity, is dragging my friends along with me
Feb. 23 2011
A native San Diegan, I've never considered Mexican food exotic. The flavors of Mexico— or, rather, the Americanized version of Mexican-inspired dishes—were as common on my dinner table growing...
Feb. 16 2011
When I first learned I'd be participating in a “guerilla-style dining” experience, I imagined myself sitting in a jungle somewhere, possibly with a bandana around my head, eating beans out...
“The Internet was a wonderful invention. It was a wonderful network which people used to remind other people that they were awful pieces of shit.” It’s a hell of a way to start a novel,...


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