June 5 2015
With every new brewery or pub that emerges from San Diego soil, discussion of the fabled "bubble" inevitably follows
May 15 2015
Duck Foot Brewing (8920 Kenamar Drive #210) is the latest addition to the beer hive better known as Miramar. It's unique among its peers in a unilateral embrace of gluten-reduced brewing
April 24 2015
When Lost Abbey announced the opening of a new tasting room called The Confessional (2007 San Elijo Ave), I was pretty excited
April 14 2015
I'll never forget the first time I met Stone Ruination IPA. Note my phrasing there. I didn't actually consume the beer. At the time, I thought it more prudent to regard the bottle in silent terror
April 14 2015
The term "obsession" can carry negative associations. It connotes unbalanced priorities and a skewed outlook on the world. OK, guilty, but there are other apt descriptions that help characterize Derek...
April 14 2015
Odds are you drink craft beer for taste, and, OK, maybe for the alcohol-induced after-effect. Go ahead and keep sipping. And remind everyone at the bar that doing so helps boost the local economy
April 3 2015
A decade ago, brew festivals in San Diego were akin to an old-timey circus rolling into town. Their scarcity gave them an allure that kept me, and many others, captivated
March 13 2015
Kilowatt Brewing represents the 99th brewery to be opened in San Diego. I'm not sure what that is in terms of geographic density, but it's safe to say we've crossed the threshold of "a lot" of breweries
Feb. 20 2015
Anyone even slightly familiar with this column has been introduced to my outlook on sour and tart beers. We're not on the most affectionate terms, to say the least.
Jan. 30 2015
I'd like to think it was exactly that kind of suds-laden optimism fueling the launch of Beer to the Rescue, a yearlong charity initiative that partners San Diego breweries with the Lupus Foundation...
Jan. 9 2015
Should you need to beat a hasty retreat, Wavelength Brewing (236 Main St.) is the perfect storming distance away
Dec. 19 2014
It's been another big year for craft beer. According to the Brewers Association, approximately 1.5 new breweries are currently opening in the U.S. daily, driving the number of licensed breweries to
Nov. 28 2014
I'll admit that I set my expectations pretty high when first entering Kearny Mesa's Quantum Brewing (5375 Kearny Villa Road). The name inspired fantastical visions in me of brewing taken to its mo
Nov. 7 2014
I'm long past the age of feeling attached to re-appropriated pagan rituals, but every year around this time, San Diego Beer Week (SDBW) offers me a taste of that once-familiar holiday giddiness.
Oct. 21 2014
Since its founding a little more than a year ago, Benchmark Brewing, located at 6190 Fairmount Ave. in Grantville, has been almost entirely a family affair
Oct. 10 2014
Bagby Beer Company may open softly, but it carries a big stick.
judged beers
Sept. 19 2014
Deciding what beer I wanted to pair with Labor Day was surprisingly difficult. My first thought was "all of them," but that approach is incredibly expensive and typically comes with legal consequences
Aug. 28 2014
Pacific Brewing Co served as a something of a counterpoint to 2kids, favoring styles more aligned with West Coast sensibilities
Aug. 8 2014
Contrary to what this column's name implies, I don't really know much about cheese. I've attended enough cocktail parties to ascertain that rind-encapsulated cheeses are better than individually
Ziggy beer
July 18 2014
The tasting room greets you with a shrine to San Diego craft brew. The walls are adorned with the emblems of every brewery Tap That works with, numerous enough to wallpaper a strip around the perimeter


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