June 20 2012
Matt Coors and Louis M. Schmidt, the owners of Double Break Gallery (1821 Fifth Ave. in Bankers Hill), are approaching one year in business, and they're busy (as always) preparing an anniversary show called...
June 19 2012
The word "perfumey" doesn't conjure up thoughts of a pleasant drinking experience-as much as it does flashbacks of Mom washing your mouth out with soup-but the elderflower cocktail breaks the mold
June 19 2012
To sit in front of any of these bartenders is a real treat-and not just because of the dynamic drinks they pour. Their passion for flavor and cutting-edge technique is inspired by the countries they've...
June 13 2012
Like most boys, Dan Jones is obsessed with robots, laser guns and building things. But even though he considers himself a big kid, Jones has plenty of responsibilities-like balancing a fulltime job as...
June 13 2012
How does a craft-beer company stand out in a city where it's up against 50-something others? Judging by The Lost Abbey's beer labels, the answer is: with a paintbrush
June 11 2012
If a spicy sundae sounds like the work of a prankster who swapped the contents of a strawberry-syrup bottle with hot sauce, think again; the mangoneada is a traditional Mexican treat
June 6 2012
The San Diego Visual Arts Network (SDVAN) announced in late May the four teams of artists and scientists who'll receive a total of $30,000 in grant money to begin working on cross-disciplinary projects...
May 30 2012
Manor House Quarterly takes a theme and then pairs visual artists' work-some curated, some commissioned-and places it alongside poems, short stories and in-depth interviews with contributing artists
May 30 2012
Shortly after moving from the Midwest to Hillcrest in 2010, multimedia artist Thomas Graff responded to an ad on craigslist posted by Olivier Dalle. At the time, Dalle was searching for a photographer...
May 29 2012
There are trucks that were around before the Food Network deemed it a hot trend, and El Gallito Tortas Ahogadas is one of 'em. I'll happily drive south for one of its authentic Guadalajaran sandwiches
May 14 2012
A loud-mouthed regular was in front of me at the counter, raving to his friend about the best sandwich in San Diego-the Dapper Dipper. Piles of sliced prime rib, he said, are tender and juicy after a plunge...
May 9 2012
In our tribute to the young 1960s—when our nation was on the cusp of arguably one of the most iconic eras in popular culture—we're highlighting local businesses that have preserved a slice...
April 30 2012
I was skeptical about Las Hadas Bar and Grill, half-expecting it to be a cross between nearby chain restos Rockin' Baja Lobster and TGI Friday's
April 16 2012
Tucked away from the cheese that flecks India Street, Pappalecco is where the Italians go.
April 2 2012
On your next visit, order the “Mama Cesta” steamed tacos “George's Way.”
April 2 2012
Feeling like it'll take wizardry to kick your ass into gear on a weekend morning?
March 19 2012
I must've stumbled past Poma's Italian Delicatessen in Ocean Beach a hundred times without noticing it, and when an OBecian friend of mine found out, he ambushed me with two of the sandwiches that...
March 5 2012
Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the cheap—and quick—is what I was looking for in Park West, and I found it at Taco Rey
Feb. 27 2012
Less than a mile away and triple Yakitori's size, Hinotez exudes more of a restaurant vibe than that of a boisterous izakaya (Japanese for “pub”)
Feb. 20 2012
The crunchy batter was just the right thickness, encapsulating moist, flaky cod, and the chips—akin to steak fries—were penetrated with just the right amount of oil


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