Oct. 18 2016
Nightlife in San Diego comes in a few recognizable varieties. There are dozens of venues to catch live music or DJs, including an ample dose of EDM crowd-fillers downtown (sometimes with bottle service...
Oct. 18 2016
Outdoor films aren't necessarily rare in San Diego, thanks to the fact that our weather is the stuff of nationwide envy
Oct. 18 2016
The resurgence in vinyl over recent years, partially a result of nostalgia and partially a reaction to the increasing intangibility and non-ownership of digital media, has been both blessing and curse...
Oct. 18 2016
It's getting close to Halloween, which means you're going to be seeing many more metal bands on this page (because they're all touring, of course)
Oct. 18 2016
Silent's debut album, A Century of Abuse, finds them arriving with a complete, albeit intense first full statement as a band
Oct. 18 2016
Sleeping People are working on new material. The post-rock quartet has announced their first show in more than a year, taking place at Whistle Stop on Nov. 11
Oct. 11 2016
My favorite hip-hop album this year is Danny Brown's Atrocity Exhibition, which is saying a lot considering Kendrick Lamar and Vince Staples each released some amazing new records
Oct. 11 2016
It's less than 15 minutes into a conversation with Drew Andrews, frontman of Bit Maps, before the chat takes kind of a dark turn
Oct. 11 2016
If you search for albums tagged "San Diego" on Bandcamp, you'll find some interesting stuff. In this semi-regular report, we sift through recent postings and relay the findings
Oct. 11 2016
Heavy post-punk outfit Hours are getting ready to release their debut single. The group—which features members of Hexa, Nylon Apartments and Bleak Skies—is preparing to release "Different Executions"...
Oct. 4 2016
When Chicago singer/songwriter Ryley Walker picks up the phone during a drive between stops on his North American tour, it's disorienting and a little bit hard to hear him
Oct. 4 2016
One of the best shows I saw in 2015 was one of the most under the radar. During Make Music Day at Balboa Park, Esteban Flores, better known as Monochromacy, performed a set of abstract ambient guitar drones...
Oct. 4 2016
Belching Beaver Brewery has teamed up with The Deftones on a new collaborative beer
Oct. 4 2016
La Sera's been going long enough that their track record is longer than Katy Goodman's previous band, Vivian Girls
Sept. 28 2016
Access Hip Hop is getting ready to close its doors. The Pacific Beach-based record store, which has been in business since 2001, is staying open for a little over a month before a tentative permanent closure...
Sept. 28 2016
Echo and the Bunnymen are kind of a Plan A for life, seeing as how they’re responsible for some of the greatest post-punk albums of all time
Sept. 28 2016
It’s hard not to be impressed by Big Bad Buffalo. The indie rock trio comprises former students of School of Rock San Diego, and the lessons clearly paid off
Sept. 27 2016
Turn on any commercial alternative rock station in America right now, and there's a good chance the DJ is going to play "You Don't Get Me High Anymore," the new single by synth-pop duo Phantogram
Sept. 20 2016
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead have gone into different musical directions over the years, but this tour will find them revisiting their best album, 2002's Source Tags and Codes
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Sept. 14 2016
The REMIXX series, which begins on Saturday, Oct. 22, at Bread & Salt, is in its third year, and follows a residency at the La Jolla Athenaeum, where it was initially called MIXX


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