Oct. 3 2016
The tasting room features the wines of two San Diego County wineries: San Pasqual, which crafts wine just down the block, and Wyatt Oaks, which makes its wines in Escondido
Sept. 2 2016
If you've been to Liberty Public Market at Liberty Station, you've no doubt felt the communal atmosphere that the collection of venues offers. My first stop at the market came with an invite to its wine...
Aug. 5 2016
Lots of worthwhile wine knowledge can be gained from reading up on regions and styles. But it should come as no surprise that the more exciting part of learning is done by putting lips to glass
July 8 2016
As recent rising temperatures have swiftly turned my apartment into a sweltering sauna, I've realized now is the time to break out the white wine
June 10 2016
During the last five years, Bottlecraft has become a mainstay of San Diego beer culture. The bottle shop's model combines partaking with perusing to satiate the needs of thirsty patrons at locations in...
May 16 2016
Part businessman, part world explorer and part educator, Maurice DiMarino represents various sectors in the wine industry. As wine-and-beverage manager for Cohn Restaurant Group, he oversees 20 bevera
April 18 2016
Damon Goldstein likes a challenge. The co-founder of Truly Fine Wine (4060 Morena Blvd.) wooed a woman who was half a world away—now his wife, Sabrina Bochen—for more than two years
March 18 2016
If you've heard rumblings about Mexican wine or want to know more about the region's appeal and offerings, there's one name you should know in San Diego: Fernando Gaxiola
Feb. 19 2016
Small-production wines from France’s Loire Valley may be crafted half a world away, but entrepreneur Luc Bonhomme makes them accessible stateside
Jan. 22 2016
When imagining a place that specializes in wines from the Pacific Time Zone you may think of California Chardonnay or Oregon Pinot Noir. While the aptly named Pacific Time (5277 Linda Vista Rd.) does
Dec. 27 2015
While the impending New Year’s Eve holiday puts sparkling wines on shopping lists everywhere, for me they’re an anytime staple of my wine rack. Bubbly is palatable on its own, pairs well with...
Nov. 27 2015
Now that the temperature has dipped (below 80 degrees) it’s time once again to drink red wines. I was sharing a red blend with a friend recently and she asked me why blends weren’t more popular
Nov. 2 2015
Taking a page from the craft beer playbook, a number of local wineries are opening locations in high-traffic, central locations. These urban wineries offer the tasting room experience within the produ
Oct. 2 2015
Not all wines can claim they were born of an earth-shaking event, but one of Forgotten Barrel's (11855 Sorrento Valley Road) offerings sure can
Sept. 4 2015
Throughout the upcoming book Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine, Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack succeed at making the familiar seem new and the new seem familiar
Aug. 7 2015
I've recently come to terms with being a true blue (or should that be pink?) fan of Rosé. The quintessential backyard wine often gets a bad rap—either due to the long, sordid history of white...
July 10 2015
If you're a cheese fanatic-like myself-you're familiar with Venissimo Cheese, and its four locations in San Diego. But what you may not be aware of is its Academy of Cheese classes with some designed...
June 22 2015
Confession: I'm not a baseball fan. But if anything could get me to a game it would be a good glass of wine
May 22 2015
The rustic charm of Bernardo Winery, the oldest operating vineyard and winery in San Diego, was an idyllic setting for this year's San Diego County Vintner's Association Wine and Food Festival.
May 1 2015
National Chardonnay Day is a thing I never thought I'd give a damn about. I'm typically turned off by California's golden grape, with buttery versions being too rich and lighter versions too bland


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