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July 22 2015
When he picks up the phone to chat with CityBeat, Matt Pike is in his part-time home of New Orleans, where hes nursing a painful broken toeit looks like a huge sausage, he saysand a nagging case of...
May 27 2015
The lonely (Daniels word) process of self-producing Transference also led to the decision to work with two big name producers for its follow-up, They Want My Soul, which Spoon released...
Feb. 25 2015
For many people, Mike Scheidt is Yob. Gentle and hirsute, hes the face and the versatile voice of the Oregon doom-metal trio
Jan. 14 2015
Chicago post-metal trio Russian Circles dont so much write songs as build them, piece by piece
Aug. 27 2014
The promotional blurb that accompanies Terry Malts new Insides EP floats the idea that this might be the bands most pop effort yet
July 9 2014
Lets get this out of the way: Dylan Baldi, the founder and core of the Cleveland post-hardcore band Cloud Nothings, is 22 years old
May 27 2014
But Get Back, the fourth album by McBean's experimental pop-rock project Pink Mountaintops, was pushed back for years while McBean tried to find the right players and environment to not only make...
March 26 2014
Crisci planted the seeds of The Appleseed Cast in Southern California before moving to Lawrence, Kan., between the release of Ring Wars and the bands 2000 sophomore effort, the concept record Mare...
Jan. 29 2014
The soft-spoken Cate Le Bonwholl play Soda Bar on Saturday, Feb. 1prefers to let her music do the talking
Dec. 24 2013
For a decade, Califonethe long-running experimental folk-blues band founded in Chicagohad a solid, static lineup: founder and principal songwriter Tim Rutili and multi-instrumentalists Joe Adamik, Jim...
Nov. 27 2013
In the first 90 seconds of One Half, the third song on Julianna Barwicks new album, Nepenthe, something unexpected emerges from her familiar, reverberant haze: actual, discernible English...


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