Seth Combs has covered the San Diego arts and music scene for over a decade. He's also written for Spin, Zagat and The Hollywood Reporter. He likes dogs and comic books, but is pretty iffy on your band.
Oct. 25 2016
Even after Spike Lee directed her music video "Forever Mine" and even after she was nominated for two Grammys, Paradise Hills local Andra Day still manages to keep a humble attitude
Oct. 25 2016
Halloween-themed art shows are starting to pop up this time of year, and while most of the artists in those shows are just dabbling in spooky scenes for that show, the artists below keep us scared all...
Oct. 25 2016
Most art patrons can be a little naïve to just how much work goes into staging seemingly simple exhibitions. Most take years of planning, months to curate and days, if not weeks, to properly stage
Oct. 18 2016
I know by just choosing these two places I'm opening myself up to any number of insults and criticism, but look, I like what I like and I've tried all kinds of fish tacos all over the city
Oct. 18 2016
It might be a bit of a dubious honor to be labeled "best pretentious coffeehouse," but let's face it, when it comes to coffee, pretense is something of a necessity
Oct. 18 2016
It's not all that surprising that the city's oldest and largest art museum (1450 El Prado) has a reputation for skewing a little, well, old
Oct. 18 2016
There's no pomp and circumstance at Ice Gallery. From the gallery's early days in North Park, to its current home inside the Bread & Salt building (1955 Julian Ave.) in Logan Heights, it's almost as if...
Oct. 18 2016
When a corporation buys up all the little guys and mom-and-pops, they can pretty much charge and do whatever they want
Oct. 18 2016
When I was in high school, Morphine was mine. We all had that band growing up. The one whose t-shirt you wore proudly, content in the fact that almost none of your peers knew who they were. In a manner...
Oct. 18 2016
On the surface, a list like this would seem to be better suited for the end of the year when nearly every arts publication posts those trite "Best" listicles
Oct. 11 2016
With a name like On the Edge Art Collective, one might expect a posse of 20-something hipsters posted up in a Barrio Logan warehouse painting on discarded pieces of plywood
Oct. 11 2016
Photographer Marisa Scheinfeld has had the cops called on her a number of times over the last few years. She all but admits to being a perpetual trespasser while working on her recently released book,...
Oct. 4 2016
MK Envision Galleries grand opening show on Friday, Oct. 7, from 5 to 9 p.m. will feature the work of three photographers
Oct. 4 2016
The work of local public artists Janne LaValle and Kathleen "Katy" Styzeleck is seemingly ubiquitous. The duo is responsible for at least four murals in East County, including the five-panel, eight-years-in-the-making...
Sept. 28 2016
To be honest, I was beginning to think Rust Magic was never going to happen. In fact, it would have been a cruel twist of irony if local graffiti artist Saratoga Sake had never finished his new show at...
Sept. 28 2016
Eva De Leon used to pick flowers in Mexico City with her sister (hence the name of the store), but says she really got her start when she did the flower arranging at her own wedding
Sept. 20 2016
With help from Noë Olivas, Lopex is working on a new video project that explores the world of video dating that was popular in the '80s and '90s
Sept. 14 2016
Things are looking brighter for OMA. The Board of Trustees unanimously chose Maria Mingalone as the new executive director after a nationwide search. Museum staff and members praised the hiring. The fact...
Sept. 7 2016
Local artist Susie Ghahremani has done well with her Boygirlparty brand of merchandise. She’s developed a base of loyal customers who seemingly can’t get enough of cutesy animal characters...
Sept. 7 2016
For Normal Heights native Chris Tomlin, the opportunity to do a mural in the neighborhood he grew up in was already exciting. The retired Marine Corps veteran says the real excitement, though, came in...


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