Seth Combs has covered the San Diego arts and music scene for over a decade. He's also written for Spin, Zagat and The Hollywood Reporter. He likes dogs and comic books, but is pretty iffy on your band.
Jan. 5 2016
For a collage artist, Andrew McGranahan has a surprisingly tidy North Park apartment. There are no bits of paper on the floor or glue stains on the desk. The only giveaways that an artist lives here i
Jan. 5 2016
Tim Mantoani's studio in a rather industrial area of Linda Vista is covered with proof of his impressive resume. Over his decades-long career, he has shot images for Sports Illustrated and Newsweek, as...
Dec. 29 2015
Singing Machines by Aren SkalmanPhoto courtesy of Aren Skalman If one of your New Year's resolutions is to see more art exhibitions (it should be), there are already plenty of shows you can add
Dec. 21 2015
Inside his Mira Mesa studio, Herschel Arcelao, who goes by the name Ethos One, is quick to point out he isnít quite sure heís an artist
Inspire Lovely Packaging
Dec. 21 2015
More than five years ago, Debee Ruiz was working as a freelance graphic designer but was having a hard time finding work. She'd always had a longing to make tangible things with her hands and had a passion...
Dec. 15 2015
In this semi-regular department, arts editor Seth Combs reviews a notable new art show or exhibition. In a way, the work of Shinpei Takeda has always come back to the theme of "home," even if the ar
Dec. 15 2015
Leading up to the holidays, we'll use this space to profile local crafters whose wares we think would make excellent gifts. Danielle Quigley and Sue Fan's business plan for their handcrafted h
Dec. 8 2015
These days, artist Brandon Hubbard could beat just about anyone in a geography quiz. He knows off the top of his head, for example, that Texas has 254 counties and Delaware only has three
Dec. 8 2015
Like many buildings and warehouses in Barrio Logan, 1878 Main St., Unit D, is cavernous and awe-inspiring. The type of place you walk into and think to yourself, "Oh, the things I could do here."
Dec. 1 2015
Just before my interview with local party promoter MayStar, she texts to ask me if she should wear makeup. It strikes me as an odd question even from someone like her. That is, someone who has spent m
Dec. 1 2015
Leading up to the holidays this space will include profiles of local crafters whose wares would make excellent gifts. Gini Mann-Deibert has always been the life of the party
Dec. 1 2015
To call Matthew Hebert an installation artist is sells him short. He’s as much a woodworker and designer as he is a fine artist. And as diverse as his work has been over the years, if there’s...
Nov. 27 2015
The legendary director and provocateur talks to CityBeat about surviving Christmas, his humble beginnings and what books to give for the holidays
Nov. 24 2015
In this semi-regular department, arts editor Seth Combs reviews notable new art shows or exhibitions. There are plenty of stories out there about local installation artist Robert Irwin. One of
Nov. 24 2015
Leading up to the holidays, we'll use this space to profile five local crafters whose wares we think would make excellent gifts
Nov. 18 2015
"Beliz! Beliz!" They love Beliz Iristay at the Rancho el Faro Orphanage in Baja California. She's in the cafeteria being bombarded from all directions
Nov. 17 2015
In this semi-regular department we ask some of our favorite local artists and curators what new shows or artists are worth checking out
Nov. 17 2015
Aldryn Estacio’s obsession with aerial drone photography has spread to his three-year-old son who’s starting to get in on the action. Don’t rush to judgment or duck-and-cover just yet....
Nov. 17 2015
You have to hand it to the guys from The Locust. They could have just stuck to their punk-rock guns and played their costumed spaz-core the rest of their lives. Whether it's Justin Pearson's brief f
Nov. 10 2015
Back in 2002, the Museum of Contemporary Art was looking for a way to get new visitors out to the museum's downtown location while also appealing to its regular patrons. The first Thursday Night Thin


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