Seth Combs has covered the San Diego arts and music scene for over a decade. He's also written for Spin, Zagat and The Hollywood Reporter. He likes dogs and comic books, but is pretty iffy on your band.
July 8 2015
Comic-Con is certainly great, but getting a badge for the annual nerd mecca has become somewhat of a "promise us your first born"-type undertaking. One thing that's been great about Con becoming...
July 7 2015
Ted Adams didn't sweat it when he was informed that, in order to move his comic book company into a large office inside NTC at Liberty Station's art district, the company would have to include an ar
July 7 2015
What's most striking about the songs on Spellbreaker, and what makes the "post-riot grrrl" description so apt, is Liscomb's development as a frontwoman
June 24 2015
One could assume that every San Diegan has seen the work of Christopher Puzio at some point, even if they don't know his name
June 23 2015
Malahat is just one of the local distilleries that has taken advantage of the passage of AB 933. Almost half a dozen spirit companies, serving a wide variety of booze, have added tasting rooms to their...
June 16 2015
“I hate that shit,” says Pearson, over coffee in Mission Hills. “I like the concept and ethics of hardcore and punk. It's so important..."
June 16 2015
It's rare that one finds their artistic soul mate. Diego had Frida. Van Gogh had Gauguin. Hall had Oates. Kendricks and Pelayo also seem to have that ineffable chemistry.
June 10 2015
Peter Halasz paints richly detailed, oil-on-canvas portraits of the La Jolla coast, but his paintings are decidedly darker and more sinister
June 10 2015
At the moment, Lana Chromium is sworn to secrecy. When the body painter was asked about her recent participation as a contestant on the reality TV competition, Skin Wars, she could...
June 2 2015
On a quaint, but otherwise gorgeous estate right off of Avenida Revolución in downtown Tijuana, Carlos Cisneros, who works under the name Elsoldelrac, spends most of his day in what appears to have...
June 2 2015
Daniel Peña was in a rut. The Chula Vista-raised photographer and video artist had moved to Tijuana a year and a half ago, but quickly became depressed
May 26 2015
The Artist Odyssey (TAO) founder Chris Fessenden is more than aware that, when it comes to video these days, a lot of people expect to get it for free
May 26 2015
Burning ships. A fitting description considering the show the brothers are participating in, Conquest, Control, Confinement, will be the second to last show at A Ship in the Woods house
May 19 2015
I'm lucky in that I have friends spread throughout the world. I suppose I'm also lucky that said friends, for the most part, remain single and spawnless. So when they come to visit, I do feel it's my duty...
May 19 2015
Merete Kjaer received her notice on April 15. The assistant director at the UC San Diego University Art Gallery is being let go, because, as she tells it, the visual arts faculty and the new dean of Arts...
May 12 2015
To hear Grant Kester tell it, he's been planning this for decades. "I've been writing about various forms of activist and socially-based art forms for probably 25 years," says the UC San Diego professor...
May 12 2015
Noè Olivas has always had an interest in all things automotive. Way before becoming a full-time artist, he was considered a life as a mechanic. "I actually didn't want to go to college at...
May 5 2015
Arzu Ozkal's journey thus far has been one of artistic defiance. Most of her video work, graphic design and performance pieces have been decisive statements against male-centric totalitarianism and patriarchal...
April 27 2015
As almost any artist can attest, inspiration can strike at the most unexpected time. To hear La Mesa artist Andrew McNamara tell it, there was a time where he wasn't sure if he wanted to pursue...
April 27 2015
When the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation announced this year's fellowship grants, three San Diego artists were on the list


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