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March 30 2011
In his office, Harold Brown has mug shots of El Cajon's homeless chronic drinkers posted on a bulletin board. Part of a city program to curb serial inebriation, the photos are handed out to liquor-store...
March 9 2011
Sometimes the easiest answers are the most difficult to get. Take San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio's proposed smart-phone app
Feb. 23 2011
Mark Scott is sitting on a wall behind the Reiss Hotel, finishing up a beer. The Reiss' sister hotels, the Pine and the Brunswick, are within throwing distance, and Scott's lived in both
Feb. 2 2011
In 1989, Mike pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual assault. It was a he said / she said case: His girlfriend at the time accused him of touching her breasts after she'd told him to stop
Jan. 19 2011
I credit Don Bolles, drummer for late-'70s punk band The Germs, for turning me on to Dr. Bronner's soap. Bolles was arrested in 2007 by a Newport Beach police officer who argued that Bolles' bottle of...
Jan. 19 2011
Elizabeth Ellison carries a copy of Laura's Law in her pocket-except she doesn't call it that. "The pro side calls it Laura's Law; the anti side calls it AB 1421," she says
Jan. 5 2011
There's nothing fancy about the four port-o-potties at the corner of 17th and Island avenues in East Village
Dec. 22 2010
Attorney Catherine Rodman has focused her career on two things: affordable housing and redevelopment law. And though San Diego redevelopment officials say that recent legislation to lift the cap on Downtown...
Dec. 15 2010
Nena Anderson's career is like a layer cake. The 37-year-old whose bourbon-smooth voice sounds like a blend of Lucinda Williams and Billie Holliday started off singing the blues nearly two decades ago...
Dec. 8 2010
Each year, for our holiday gift guide, we scour local retailers, looking for the best in gifty goodness at affordable prices. Below, you'll find lots of cool items, most under $50, many of them handmade,...
Dec. 8 2010
TV: Being Human It sounds like the premise for a slapstick fantasy sit-com: A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost try to share a flat in Bristol, England. But BBC 3's Being Human is a lot darker and deeper...
Dec. 8 2010
"Ann" carries umbrellas for protection-six of them, full-size, pointed ends facing outward, strapped to a suitcase that sits atop her wheeled walker. From the walker's handles hang various nylon bags....
Nov. 24 2010
For seven years, Latté Mi Corazon was a Sherman Heights community hub. A funky coffeehouse with a large outdoor patio, it was where local artists displayed their wares, activists held meetings and...
Nov. 17 2010
Since early 2007, when a legal settlement barred police from ticketing homeless people for sleeping in public between 9 p.m. and 5:30 a.m., a persistent question has been: How long will this last? Downtown...
Nov. 3 2010
Among longtime fans of independent music, to have seen Galaxie 500 perform live is something of a badge of honor. The band that helped define a genre known as “dream pop” toured the U.S. only...
Nov. 2 2010
This isn't a story about Perkins' lack of air conditioning but, rather, how the school closest to Downtown's de facto skid row is handling homeless problems. Across the street from Jana's classroom is...
Oct. 20 2010
Police officers will tell you that their jobs sometimes lean more toward social work than crime fighting. Such was the case for Hung Nguyen on a recent Thursday morning. Nguyen, who's worked for the San...
Sept. 29 2010
There are more than 1,000 people who are homeless Downtown-at least 200 more than a January count revealed. Modest estimates show that these folks ran up more than $23 million in medical bills last year.
Sept. 15 2010
It's easy for a layperson to get lost in AB 32— California's aggressive, yet complex, anti-global-warming law that seeks to roll back greenhouse-gas levels in the state to what they were in 1990....
Sept. 1 2010
Laura Arnold is standing by her car, shivering in a white hooded sweatshirt, jeans and sandals. It's just past 8:30 on a chilly July evening, and the fog's starting to roll in


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