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May 28 2014
The program that eventually took Hutch in, Project 25, didn't exist until 2011. It began as a three-year, $1.5-million pilot, part of the United Way of San Diego County's Plan to End Chronic Homelessness
Smokey Cocktail
May 20 2014
Next time you're mixing up an Old Fashioned by the campfire-assuming you'd even do such a thing-try trapping a piece of smoking charred wood under your glass for a few minutes
May 9 2014
Earlier this year, JSix (616 J St., Downtown) underwent a major rehab, and Howell, who'd been the head bartender at Cusp at Hotel La Jolla, was tapped to head up the cocktail program.
The note from Dennisforweb
April 23 2014
Dennis Lane is one of five people who've died in San Diego County jails so far this year, following 12 deaths in 2013. To put those two numbers into perspective, between 2007 and 2012, the county jail...
WEB Golden Rivet
April 18 2014
The cocktail menu at Ironside Fish & Oyster, the latest Consortium Holdings (Craft & Commerce, Polite Provisions, Under Belly, Neighborhood) project, is rather epic. It's four times the size of the...
March 31 2014
A smorgasbord of restaurants have opened in the year since our last food issue-more than we could possibly list here-so, we went down the list of newbies, and picked one for each month.
March 26 2014
Last week, Mayor Kevin Faulconer proposed locking in a guarantee that the city will get 60 percent, or $3.6 million, of the roughly $6 million in CDBG funds available annually for capital-improvement projects.
3-26 cocktails
March 21 2014
On the short list of retail shops that San Diego lacks are good liquor stores. That's not to say there aren't any-K 'n B Wine Cellars, for instance, will make your neck hurt with its sky-high shelves of...
March 5 2014
An outreach team with the Alpha Project found Roger Ramirez on a corner in East Village last Wednesday. In a wheelchair, wearing surgical scrubs for pants and with a thick cast on his right leg, Ramirez,...
2-12 cocktails
Feb. 7 2014
I considered writing about romantic drinking spots for this column, but I'm utterly unromantic. I have, however, been thinking a lot about a type of spirit that sounds romantic: amaro (plural "amari")
Jan. 17 2014
Coin-Op's located in the space formerly occupied by Hubcap (and, just before that, El Take it Easy) and features a big, open front facing 30th Street
Jan. 14 2014
Sondra Sherman, an associate professor of art in jewelry and metalwork at SDSU, recently had one of her pieces, "Flowers and Still Life"-a brooch embedded in a carved-out book-acquired by the Los Angeles...
Jan. 8 2014
In August, San Diego County Superior Court Judge Howard Shore ruled that 39- year-old Mikel Marshall could be safely released from Coalinga State Hospital, to which he'd been committed under the law in...
Dec. 27 2013
Since this issue's filled with reflections on 2013, I figured I'd use this space to look back at some memorable drinking
Dec. 18 2013
The current model-fix people first, then move them into permanent housing-has fallen out of favor, replaced by what's known as "housing first," which emphasizes getting people off the street as quickly...
12-11 cocktails
Dec. 6 2013
Bitters: A bottle of bitters is a perfect stocking stuffer. If you want to support a small local company with a damn-fine product, get a bottle or two of RX Bitters, currently available in two...
Dec. 3 2013
CityBeat's 2013 holiday gift guide supporting local San Diego vendors
Dec. 3 2013
It used to be fashionable to carry an Evian bottle. Now, some folks are advocating for a ban on plastic water bottles. Neoprene beverage containers are hip and make for practical gifts, but even cooler...
Nov. 20 2013
Sarah Boot, who's 32, didn't come out of nowhere. In 2010, she was selected as a fellow for the San Diego chapter of the New Leaders Council, which aims to train "progressive political entrepreneurs" for...
11-20 cocktails
Nov. 15 2013
Recently, a couple of friends came up with an idea for a cocktail party: Pick a spirit-whiskey in this case-and have attendees buy a nice bottle of that spirit (in the $40 range) and use it to come up...


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