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May 24 2013
It would be generous to say that grappa's an acquired taste. A byproduct of wine (made from the stems, seeds and skins of grapes), it's got a smell best described as "highly flammable."
May 15 2013
Two weeks ago, on a Monday morning, Robin Reid's doctor called. The breast cancer she'd been diagnosed with almost six years ago-that had already spread to her bones and liver-had metastasized to her brain
May 3 2013
There's more to summer cocktails than a paper umbrella, fruit spear and rum. Not that there's anything wrong with those things, especially when the fruit spear's soaked in rum
May 1 2013
While his death raises questions about how jails house-and protect-their most vulnerable inmates, the last several months of Russell Hartsaw's life offer a glimpse at man who was perhaps beyond help but...
April 24 2013
Ten men and one woman hung themselves in San Diego County jails during the last six years. They used socks or sheets, stringing handmade nooses from sinks, doors and bunks
April 17 2013
Lack of close monitoring is a thread that runs through the jail system's addiction-related deaths
4-17 cocktails
April 12 2013
Saltbox bar manager Ali Terrill hit on a gem of an idea with Wells Done Well, a newish cocktail program at the Hotel Palomar bar (1047 Fifth Ave., Downtown). It's a small menu of classics-Manhattan,...
April 2 2013
Dozens of restaurants have opened in the year since our last food issue-more than we could possibly list here. So, we went down the list of newcomers and picked one that opened each month
March 27 2013
Bernard Joseph Victorianne was a 28-year-old black male with a ticking time bomb in his stomach. Victorianne was arrested on Sept. 12, 2012, less than two blocks from the San Diego Police Department's...
Feb. 27 2013
Carol Murphy guesses she was turned away from roughly 60 apartments before finding the one where she currently lives with her 16-year-old daughter.
Feb. 25 2013
Polite Provisions is the newest venture by Arsalun Tafazoli (Neighborhood, Noble Experiment, Craft & Commerce, Underbelly); its theme-old-school soda fountain-stops short of being kitschy
Feb. 13 2013
It's been more than a year since residents of San Diego Square heard there was a buyer for their building, and it'll be another year before the sale's finalized
Feb. 8 2013
When you've been married for double-digit years, Valentine's Day is merely Feb. 14. Wait-scratch that. When you've been married for double-digit years, every day is Valentine's Day
Feb. 1 2013
"You haven't had the Arch Nemesis," Brian Divine says. I'm at The Propagandist, the bar whose spicy Mango en Fuego cocktail I fell in love with almost a year ago. Divine flips off a bottle...
Jan. 30 2013
Initially used to treat alcohol addiction, in 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Vivitrol's use for opiate addiction. It's what's referred to as an opioid antagonist, meaning that...
Jan. 23 2013
The sound of blips and bleeps provided background noise for Brian DeLeon's phone chat with CityBeat last week. He was at his day job, he explained, in the testing room of the slot-machine company...
Jan. 16 2013
Nothing gets a populist's blood boiling like stories of political favors being doled out to people with money and power. And Mayor Bob Filner told a good one at a Hillcrest Town Council meeting on Jan....
Jan. 15 2013
Living in Boston for three years, I learned about "spring coats"-those that are perfect for temperatures in the 50s and 60s. In other words, Boston's spring coats are San Diego's winter coats.
Jan. 14 2013
With this issue of CityBeat having a retro focus, I was at a loss as to what to write about. No, really. Retro cocktails are pretty much all I've been writing about in this space
Jan. 9 2013
It's a chilly January morning, and Danny McCray's gloved hands are soaking wet from moving rainwater-topped bins at the Check-In Center, where McCray is both ambassador and security guard


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