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April 25 2012
One side of Rosa Parks Field in City Heights is a patchwork of dust and dry grass. At halftime, Janice Jordan passes around a bag of Halls to her team, the Undisputed Ones- UD1s for short-to soothe dry...
April 25 2012
Coherent presentation of all the problems we have with Carl DeMaio's candidacy for mayor of San Diego cries out for an organizational theme. We've chosen the alphabet
April 11 2012
Clayton Carr makes his way through the maze-like system of San Diego's Downtown jail-up nine floors, through two security gates, back down seven floors- to a corner desk in the jail's inmate-processing...
April 9 2012
I might not be as well-versed on cocktails as D.A. Kolodenko, who's been writing this column, or his predecessor, Kinsee Morlan, but, as the new teller of Cocktail Tales, I'm ready to learn.
April 4 2012
My pitch for this issue was to take a cooking class and see if I could turn what I learned into something edible
March 7 2012
If you want to get a sense of what the Lincoln Club of San Diego County's all about, watch the promotional video on the group's website.
Feb. 22 2012
Twice in roughly a week, quotes from San Diego City Councilmember and mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio were removed from stories in the U-T San Diego for inaccuracy
Feb. 15 2012
There's a poster on the wall of the Market Street welfare office in Southeast San Diego: "Applying for CalFresh just got easier," it says. The poster encourages people who want to enroll in the federal...
Feb. 8 2012
"Linkage fee" might be a yawner of a name, but in its 20-year history, the development-impact fee has pumped $52 million into the city's affordable-housing trust fund
Jan. 18 2012
This past July, while in New York for work, the 30-year-old stylist who works at Hair Drezzers on Fire in Normal Heights, decided, on a whim, to get a tattoo of the Lower Manhattan subway map
Jan. 4 2012
On Monday evenings, the lobby of Downtown's First Lutheran Church is the place to bring your problems. Divided into thirds, the room becomes part legal clinic, part doctor's office and part waiting room,...
Dec. 28 2011
Sure, self-loathing is kind of cool, and labeling things other than jars is lame. But hipsters need to get over being called hipsters.People finally came up with a way to describe someone who likes...
Dec. 21 2011
Does San Diego Reader publisher Jim Holman really want parental-notification made law in California? Opponents believe his real goal is to drain Planned Parenthood's resources.
Dec. 7 2011
Each year, we scour local retailers for gift ideas that are affordable, useful and fun. This year's Holiday Gift Guide's got three parts for your perusal
Dec. 7 2011
Frock You Vintage holds a holiday-shopping edition of its semi-regular sale, bringing in seven vendors selling recycled, upcycled and repurposed vintage goods. And lots of ugly Christmas sweaters
Dec. 7 2011
Got a pal who's into craft cocktails but doesn't have much of a home bar? Stop by the booze extravaganza that is KnB Wine Cellars, where bottles of liquor fill shelves higher than the eye can...
Dec. 7 2011
To know Scandinavian design is to love it. Products produced by artisans in Sweden, Finland and Norway somehow manage to be cute, elegant and edgy all at the same time
Dec. 7 2011
“The inmate seemed quite apprehensive about the interview, the fourth he'd had in a matter of four days,” wrote psychologist Hy Malinek about Small. It was Saturday, March 24, 2007, and Small...
Nov. 23 2011
In all, almost 150 people have been helped off the street and into housing in the last year, the result of Project 25 and a second initiative focused on Downtown San Diego. Amid the progress linger...
Nov. 16 2011
The 2012 campaign cycle will be enervating for liberals as hope has turned to cynicism and begun to shift back into outrage. But lackluster leadership is only one of several problems for the left. There's...


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