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nnKelly has been with CityBeat since its start way back in August 2002. She covers housing and social issues and occasionally mixes it up with some culture reporting. n

Nov. 2 2011
A study released in June by the Center on Policy Initiatives, a San Diego think tank that focuses on economic- and social-justice issues, estimated that between 2008 and 2012, there will be roughly...
Oct. 19 2011
Earlier today, residents of San Diego Square, a housing complex for low-income seniors located Downtown at 10th Street and Broadway, got a letter under their doors informing them that Housing Developm
Oct. 19 2011
In San Diego, the county's Mental Health Board, which advises the county Board of Supervisors on policy matters, voted earlier this year in favor of Laura's Law's implementation, the county's Health...
Sept. 28 2011
To Girls Think Tank, a nonprofit focused on homelessness, the Loo was a simple solution to Downtown's public-restroom shortage; in June 2010, the City Council agreed
Sept. 14 2011
The closed parking lot has been an issue since at least October 1993, when the city's Neighborhood Code Compliance Department, in response to a complaint from a tenant, issued a citation to San Diego...
Sept. 7 2011
As the Comprehensive Pension Reform (CPR) ballot measure's proponents make their final push to gather signatures from 94,346 registered San Diego voters by Oct. 14, there's the looming specter of...
Aug. 31 2011
It's been a long, strange trip for the Hotel Churchill. The seven-story, 100-year-old building with the Excalibur theme -- a castle on the side, a faux drawbridge entrance -- has been vacant since late...
Aug. 24 2011
San Diego Square sits on city-owned land that's leased to Kind Corp. for $1 a year. The lease says the site must include “assistance and services for seniors, including but not limited to counseling,...
July 27 2011
In 2007, CityBeat kicked off a yearlong effort to put names, stories and faces to the city's homeless population and find out the reasons people end up—and too often stay—on the street. We...
July 27 2011
Marvin Bradshaw's death on May 8 wasn't too out of the ordinary. According to the county Medical Examiner, he was one of more than 30 homeless men and women who've died in San Diego County so far this...
July 20 2011
Coined by San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio in a July 11 press release, "cat tax" was a catchphrase destined to go viral. Even the U.K.'s Daily Mail wrote about what DeMaio described as a "revenue...
June 29 2011
Though both are still in the signature-gathering phase, fans and foes of two proposed local ballot measures are already calling each other out for making false claims.
June 15 2011
Starting with the zip code 92154, Corinne Wilson, a researcher with the Center on Policy Initiatives, has been studying the costs of foreclosures in San Diego
June 8 2011
If not for her careful record keeping and a friend who's a financial consultant, Rosa Sanchez might have lost her house by now
Aaron McBride
May 25 2011
Two months ago, McBride was enrolled in Project 25, a collaborative program between city and county agencies, the United Way of San Diego County and St. Vincent de Paul
May 11 2011
We've taken a few pages from the Choose Your Own Adventure books that inspired us as kids and present our stab at interactive fiction. Here's how it works: Start reading and whenever you're presented...
May 4 2011
If the pending closure of the Neil Good Day Center doesn't offend folks' moral sensibilities, maybe it'll offend their sense of smell
April 20 2011
San Diego's self-proclaimed "taxpayer watchdog" has, for the last two years, outspent his colleagues on things like postage, printed materials, technical services and office supplies
April 13 2011
Movers and shakers are also chewers and swallowers. Whatever the community, its leaders have to eat, and your best chance to get a word in might be when their mouths are full
April 6 2011
The California Public Defenders Association (CPDA) says a proposed law that would allow people to be notified, via email, every time a registered sex offender moves into their neighborhood “will...


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